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Volvo 940 diff lock

It seems they had had a few returns from Volvo owners due to incompatibility issues. It's not clear if the issues are unique with the Trutrac LSD or the housing. Also it does seem all s have the "ears" on the right side of the pumpkin they are not machined on s. These ears attach to the torque arm on the suspension. The only difference between a and is the housing itself and the ring and pinion.

The differential units can be swapped back and forth. The ring and pinion cannot. The later model cars 86 and upwhich all have speedo tone rings, are believed to all be 's. A Trutrac unit going in a r wildcard subset that requires a speedo tone ring will be different only to fit the tone ring. You can still swap tone ring or no tone ring differentials from to The only problem will be that you won't have a working speedo if you need a tone ring and install a diff that does not have one.

The differential units come in 2 sizes depending on what Ring and Pinion you have or want. One will fit and upone will fit below Make sure you pick accordingly in case you ever want to change gears. For example, you cannot change from a ring and pinion to a ring and pinion without changing the differential unit. This goes for stock oem diffs and TrueTrac diffs as well. So make sure you get the right pinion bearing for whatever rear end you have. I abused a rear end with rwhp for about 15K miles with NO problems whatsoever.

Snow Drifting Volvo 740 Turbo Manual Wagon. Locking Differential. G80. LSD. Snow Tires. Drift Vlog.

But keep in mind I have no personal experience with series cars, just series cars. Because my car is a V8, I chose to use a 3. At the same time, Dale Walmsley ordered a high-preload diff for the 3. When I got my rear end apart, I thought to measure the carriers to see if I needed to buy any different shims. To my surprise, I needed to add about 0.

Since the factory shims are about.

volvo 940 diff lock

Obviously this wasn't the right part for the car. So I borrowed Dale's Trutrac and measured. It was within. Again, I used a 3. The taller gears 3. Many manufacturers do this by moving the flange on the diff carrier outboard for the "highway" gears, but it seems that Volvo, in the at least, used a thinner ring gear instead, and kept the differential carrier the same for all ratios.


I can't speak for the model diff, since that's closer to a true Dana For AX Ratio 3. AX Ratio 4. Ratio 3. Split Axle. Chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, or birth defects or other reproductive harm may be present in automotive service, replacement parts and fluids. For more information, go to Cancer and Reproductive Harm. Your cart will be set to In-Store Pickup By adding this item to your cart, the shipping option will not be available for your order.

The In-Store Pickup option will now be defaulted at checkout. Please contact our customer service department with questions. Differential Brake. Live Axle. Rear " products. Show More. Lock Plate. Rear This Fits Your Volvo Part Number : WARNING Chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, or birth defects or other reproductive harm may be present in automotive service, replacement parts and fluids. Differential brake. FOR Diff is always open while no accelerating. The more preload — the faster and tougher wheels are locking.

ATB without preload available upon request. Must have item on any Race Track. Follow your your service manual. Press bearings half way not included onto LSD necks with free gap of 4. Open it and measure the actual bearings clearance.

NOTE: Prohibited the use any anti-friction additives. Most items are located in Moscow, but some parts are stored in remote warehouses and it takes few extra days to transit. This case we return money for shipping. Buyer is responsible for any import duties and taxes.

Volvo 940 Owner's Manual

We usually mark all shipments as a gift and minimum value. Let us know if you want to combine shipping. We always want buyers are satisfied with our items. Bid with confidence. Money back guarantee. Full Buyer's protection. Check feedback from our happy buyers all over the world. No screw deals, no lost shipments, reliable packing. All items are selling "as it is" on the pictures, so make sure you check fitment and size for your application prior to purchasing.

If you receive an item you did not order, it was damaged, or which doesn't fit your vehicle because of wrong description, we will replace it or refund the payment.Hi guys, how can I identify for sure if my has a locker or a slipper LSD opposed to a standard "open" diff? I'm struggling to find part numbers, so I've jacked both wheels off the ground. With the car in gear, I can turn one wheel, and the other wheel will turn the opposite direction.

That to me says a standard diff? The reason I ask is the I'm scrapping seemed to react a lot differently to my at the back end: - In the if I'm giving it some on wet roads, the inside wheel will spin a bit when corneringtight, but no "slide". Of course what I should have done was go and get it stuck in some snow and see if just one wheel spins or both There has been a descussion about checking this before.

I cleaned the sticker off with white spirit as the underbody spray had been applied over the top of the sticker. If it isn't possible to decipher the info from this I'm not sure how you could find out apart from stripping the rear axle casing off. The proper LSD should work in the way you suggest ie both wheels turning the same way.

The locking ones only work up to a certain road speed I think so might not work in the same way. I'm off to get some new rear discs in a mo so will ask the parts man there if he knows a way to find out.

The sticker with the part codes on will be at the back of the axle assembly on the left hand side. I scraped off the under seal with a large flat bladed screwdriver. The sticker will be barcoded and have all the numbers you require. Your looking for a The diff should be fitted as standard to all s and s made after It's a mechanical locking diff, and is actually an Eaton G80 as fitted to GM vehicles.

This is the sticker. It is ofter under undercoating and it takes a lot of rubbing with a solvent soaked rag, and patience and to see it. As near as I can tell it was standard equipment through the model year. As another post said, you can jack up one rear wheel, and spin it as fast as you can, by hand, and usually get lock up.

Well I asked at the dealers and the parts guy confirmed what others have said. The sticker is the only way to check without taking the rear cover off the axle casing. I did wonder if Volvo have specific car details on their site but that info is only for later cars. Had another look, and I really can't find a sticker like that - only a plastic "tag" on it. Pick below of the tag. Phone camera is crap in dark, and flash just whites everything out, so below is what it actually says: 3.

The white bits you see are actually where the plastic coating came off the tube and you can see the bare metal. Thats the only label I found on my car. I wonder if there are different styles fitted on early and later cars. Will have a nose at the parts disc later but have been told to help with dinner!

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JPG The Eaton lockers don't have a tag, or use special lubricant additives. Not sure - how do I tell? Sounds good if you are correct! Floor it, then count the number of black stripes Would be easier if it still had a cylinder head!! And it's not a turbo so would probably be 0 black lines!! Could you put the car on full lock and try pushing it around and see how difficult it becomes?Also See for Servicing instructions - 7 pages. Most useful pages: More Indicator and warning lights Instruments, switches and controls Instruments.

Page of Go. Page 63 - Rear fog light only certain models Page 64 - Front and rear foglights certain models Table of Contents. This manual deals with the operation and care of your Volvo. Welcome to the world-wide family of Volvo owners. We trust that you will enjoy many years of safe. To help ensure. Your Volvo is designed to meet all applicable safety and emission standards, as evidenced by the.

volvo 940 diff lock

Instruments and controls Body And Interior Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Summary of Contents for Volvo Page 1 This manual deals with the operation and care of your Volvo. We trust that you will enjoy many years of safe driving in your Volvo, an automobile designed with your safety and comfort in mind. Page 2: Table Of Contents All information, illustrations and specifications contained in this manual are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication.

Volvo reserves the right to make model changes at any time, or to change specifications or design, without notice and without incurring obligation.

Your car is equipped with a Shiftlock-Keylock system. To release the selector from this position, turn the ignition key to position II or start the enginedepress the brake pedal, press the button on the front side of the gear selector and move the selector from P ark. At low speeds or when the car is not moving, the temperature readings may be slightly higher than the actual ambient temperature due to heat generated by the engine.

Tow the car to a Volvo retailer and have the brake system checked and any leakage repaired. Page 8 If the light comes on or stays on after the vehicle has startedthe SRS diagnostic system has detected a fault.

Drive to an authorized Volvo retailer for an inspection of the system. See section "SRS" for further information. Bulb failure warning light Page 9 Heating and air conditioning Heating and air conditioning Your Volvo is equipped with a heating system combined with air conditioning. Page 10 Volvo D Directing air flow vertically A certain amount of air will always enter through the dash air louvers as long as they are open, independently of the position of the air distribution control.

Close the dash air louvers to obtain maximum air flow to floor or windshield. Function selector Air through panel vents Defrost. Air to windshield and side windows.

Air to floor, windshield and side windows. Air through floor vents. Air through floor and panel vents. Page 12 Volvo Set the function dial to position 2 and the function selector to of snow. The air conditioning will only function if the blower is set to position 1 or higher. Page 13 Volvo Heated front seats The front seats are equipped with electrically-heated backrests and seat cushions. Switched on and off as required.For safe winter driving, modern day society tells us that you have to have a vehicle with AWD, and preferably, winter tires.

The logic is sound of course; more wheels with power being transferred to them equals more grip in the slippery stuff. Watching the world turn their attention to 4WD, the swedes had another idea. If anyone knew the problems of deep-snow winter driving, it was them. Instead of making every wheel powered in order to pull your car out of the snow, thereby increasing weight, complexity, and reliability remember that the first generation of 4WD systems in cars were essentially derived from trucksVolvo simply improved the traction on their RWD vehicles, looking to the most tried and true form of traction available: Jeeps.

As you started moving faster, the clutch system would disengage, and the differential would work normally. This would not happen with a locking differential as torque would be applied equally to both driven wheels. The other advantage to the Volvo system was how easy it was to package; it fit inside the differential housing and required no other accessory components.

Call me a skeptic, but these days, AWD is both a marketing tool, and way to bring the price up on passenger vehicles. Tim is a Canadian from Windsor, with a knack for taking things apart, and sometimes putting them back together. He is a mechanical engineer by day and backyard mechanic by night. His mantra in life is to never break another bolt.

volvo 940 diff lock

Written by : Tim Wong.I hope you find this information most informative. On the side where it is against the differential carrier, each shaft has a V-shaped bevel.

The differential carrier is correspondingly designed. When power from the engine starts to drive the vehicle, the shafts glide up the bevelled recess in the differential carrier. This compresses the friction plates behind the differential side gears so the differential assembly brakes locks up.

Its two-piece case construction with four pinion mate spider gears provides for more than double the strength of standard open differentials. Durable all steel clutch plates with unique torque applying cross shafts provides for long life positive action. Each axle is in metal-to-metal contact in diff oil. Disc order - external spline, internal spline, 3rd plate cupped like a Cinternal, external.

One of the two cross shafts had cracked through. Spider gears run either side of the shaft s. Cross shafts are the most common failure point in Dana 30 LSDiffs. The Powr-Lok was launched inso has a long development history. Gearboxes M30, M31, M40, M41 etc. So the Volvo 'M' probably just refers to the model, as in M A lot of the information below has been refined after knowledgable contributors have contacted me from around the world with updates.

This information aims to be as accurate as possible and when new information is provided and proved, this reference list is updated. These models will have rear drum brakes. Additional info: Amazon - lsd now available as an option. Spicer brand name Divisions continue in name.

The Spicer 27 10 spline cross shafts are different size to the Dana 30 10 spline. Length of Sp27 is mm, 30 is mm. LSD 1. Found in Amazonlate to 70 for example the Canadian GT and S late to 69 with rear drum brakes.

In Sweden, a LSD can also be found on special cars, eg. The Dana rebuild kit when new was X, later updated to X, being no longer available after the late 70's. No GT in Australia has a S number on it. Note : Socket cap screws from LSD 2.

volvo 940 diff lock

On fitment I found this terrible fact out myself. You can't modify by machining a counterbore in the LSD 2 as there's not enough material in the housing to remachine additional depth, so I have a handful of very expensive socket cap screws I can't use. Darkened areas around the carrier case is factory case hardening. Shafts are hardened seperately.


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