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Uranus square moon transit death

I also heard this can mean sudden loss of money as well. Anything Uranus makes me uneasy cause it's always unpredictable and shocking. Since 8th house is known for death, sex, and money, I'm scared of what Uranus strolling through it will be like! When Uranus was transiting my 7th house, I got married suddenly, then divorced just as quickly. Uranus kicked my butt, and left my me spinning, wondering what the heck happened.

It's just so unexpected and sudden, so it caught me off guard. I would like a little rest from p000b p0016 for a while. Some nice, solid, stability would be nice.

uranus square moon transit death

But seeing that Uranus is visiting my 8th House soon, I'm a bit tense, and scared. IP: Logged. That must have been a painful time for you, especially being so young. Did you have any natal planets in hard aspect to transiting Uranus, like the Sun, which is supposed to represent the father?

In the past 3 years, I have lost my grandmother, 2 aunts, one who I was very close with my dog, and my husband but the husband was through divorce not death, but a loss nevertheless I feel like there has been so much loss and sorrow the past few years, and Uranus was just transiting my 7th house.

Now it's approaching my 8th house, and I'm thinking to myself, "Does this mean more death??? My 8th house cusp is Eni contact number, but the majority of the house is placed in Aries. I don't know what this means. Glaucus, thank you for your reply.

Uranus Transits to Natal Uranus

I don't know how Uranus will play out All of these are areas that I feel very uncomfortable with. Are there any indicators that I should look at, that will give me some clues to what areas in my life it will affect? Thank you both for sharing your knowledge and experiences with me! That is very nice of you to offer. It's a bit complicated cause I have 2 charts that I waiver back and forth with. Reason being my mom and dad can't seem to agree on what time I was born.

Uranus Transit – Life (and Death) – Whiplash Fast

My dad says am, my mom says am. This wouldn't be such a big issue, other than the fact that those 20 minutes are the deciding factor in whether I'm a Virgo Rising, or Leo Rising which are completely different. The chart shows Uranus still in my 7th House, while the chart shows Uranus already in my 8th house. Which would maybe explain all the deaths the past few years, but I don't know.

I'm not sure which one to use, and I don't want to choose one over the other just cause it seems to "fit" the circumstances at the moment. I don't have a great internet connection at home, it's snail slow so I will post both charts tomorrow morning when I get into the office. Thanks so much for taking the time Glaucus! Have a great night! Uranus has been hanging around my 7th and 8th houses for years now.You can see where you are vulnerable and protect yourself from an early grave.

There are many elements in astrology that can be associated with death. It may be tied in to the natal chart, transits, and progressions. There can be astrological indicators of a long life, a shorter one, a volatile death, or a peaceful one. I will talk about some indicators of how, when, where this can take place.

On and Off Relationships. Uranus Aspects in Synastry from

This is not meant to be morbid, but to provide insight. A person, like myself, who has an astrological indicator of death via liver disease, can be aware to take precautions such as not indulging an alcoholic drinks. Death is a proponent of lifeyet many refuse to see it that way. As far as astrology and death goes, one important proponent is the 8th house cusp. The sign of the 8th house cusp can give some astrological indication of death.

It may either describe a kind of death or the conditions at the time of death. Someone with Capricorn on the cusp of the 8th house may have some kind of despondency or sadness associated with their death this could indicate greater longevity in the person they live a longer than average life or something Capricorn related may be connected with the death such as bone cancer.

The case involving Coral Lytle is one of these examples. In astrology, each house reveals something about a person's dark side and the traits that are socially unfavorable to their personality. The house the ruler of the 8th house falls in in one's natal chart can be the area or sector of life in which a person may potentially die.

In my chart, for example, I have the ruler of the 8th house in the 6th house of health. This can indicate a proclivity to die through some debilitating illness.

The ruler of the 8th house is Jupiter in Libra at a critical degree, the 26th. It also makes an inconjunct to my Ascendant, which of course is the physical body. Inconjuncts can often be about health-related issues. Let's take Pluto in the natal chart now. Someone with Pluto in the 4th house, for example, may die in the home or death may occur in presence of family members. Someone with Pluto in the 6th house may die in connection with the debilitating health issue.

Pluto in the 9th can manifest in one dying in another country. His death was dramatic and attention-getting Leoassociated with a short journey 3rd and sadly may have been destined North Node. Transits associated with Pluto can be significant, as well, as this could possibly factor in to the death of the person. Sometimes Pluto can obliterate life. This also occurred in Bowie's 12th House of endings. When Raniya Wright died earlier this year as a result of an altercation in school, transit Pluto was making a long opposition to her natal Sun in Cancer likely at critical 29th degree.Uranus transits to your natal Uranus increase individuality and give a vision of how to increase personal development.

This means changes in specific years to produce enough strength with which to break your routine and everything that has been stagnant. You question what others have told you and your obligations, in order to express more freely your sense of originality. These are periods of reorientation and challenges to become more of who you really are. These transits helps you to integrate your personal freedom in your life and profession, and teaches you how to better use your free will.

Many people who are conditioned by their environment can take this opportunity to make their life more interesting and stimulating. This is also a period where there may be growth and an increase in consciousness.

It offers the possibility of making very significant changes in your life and obtaining greater freedom and independence. The transit of Uranus conjunct your natal Uranus only happens around 84 years of age, or it can happen immediately after birth, if you have natal Uranus retrograde. In this case, it tends to produce instability in the family and in the childhood environment.

If the transit happens later in life, it gives a continuous uneasiness due to not knowing where the next surprise will come from that will make your life different or even unstable. It means that you withdraw from the flow of worldly life and feel freer to fully engage in the spiritual life.

It frees you from many daily worries, taxes, payments and other annoying things. It increases your perspective of what is important and helps you perceive your transcendental destiny. You begin to understand what is beyond life. You can enjoy life for what it is without feeling attached to things or illusions that do not help you to truly be you.

You examine everything you have done. Even if you do not recognize a specific individuality, you will see the different things that have happened to you, even if they are nothing particular, and this helps you to understand your particular experience of life.

This transit gives the greatest degree of wisdom and serves to prepare you for the next step in your evolution. The transit of Uranus sextile your natal Uranus transit will occur twice: first around the age of 14 and then around age At 14, you question what others have told you. You become aware that you are growing, and of how inadequate life seems at that point.

For the first time, you have to make decisions for yourself. You make significant changes to express more of your own self-expression.

You free yourself from restrictions. Friendships become more important than parents or teachers. The second time, around age 70, a greater perspective of your relationship with the world in general is obtained: instead of learning from the outside world and your position in it, you learn to focus on yourself and gain greater personal independence.I know death is a big joke to a lot of people.

Shot to the head and gone. Or someone gets sick. And what about the survivors? They act like survivors. I continue to have these close calls, over and over. I was well aware he may need to collect. This is in my personal life, not having to do with clients or people who read here.

I would stop talking. People may want me to stop talking but there is something that haunts me. I know a gal who lost a number of people in a streak. In most of the cases, there were indications that their death was a possibility. Consequently, when she found out, she was not only blindsided, she lost any opportunity of speaking to the person. She could not tell them how she felt about them, or whatever else she might have liked to do, had she known.

This was an agony so I try to talk and tell people. I TRY. As for the astrology, I have Uranus in the 7th, on the cusp of the 8th.

Close enough to see it play in the 8th house. You can search the blog for evidence of this. In whatever case, this is why I think my transit is playing out this way. That, and Uranus is for the moment square Pluto. Sudden death. He was phenomenally talented. He wrote the Asteroid Report I sell here. I see some around me, dimming. I see others, due to pop off at any time.Welcome, Unregistered. Transits Transits are the most used predictive astrology technique.

This sub-board is dedicated to them. View First Unread. Could my transits indicate death of mother anytime soon? Hello, I am only a beginner astrologer so I knew it would be wise to ask an astrologer with much more knowledge on the concept.

I have left an attachment of my tropical birth chart with the transits on it. The only thing I am aware of that could possibly indicate the death of my mother is my Pluto in the 6th squaring my Moon in the 8th in only years to come.

As well as Uranus making its way over to conjunct my moon, at the same time does this applause a sudden death? My only reason is that I am concerned. If anyone could correct me wrong I would gladly hope so Cheers guys. Attached Images tropical chart. Re: Could my transits indicate death of mother anytime soon?

First thing that I looked for, based in question, was 11th house of querant. Whaddya know? Is the real question in your mind, "will my dreams be realized? Was your mother the disciplinary parent or the nurturing parent in your childhood?

uranus square moon transit death

And, Uranus contacting your moon alone most likely won't cause death. You see, in Astrology, a triplicity transit is a transit that involves an inner planet, an outer planet, and the Moon. These are the transits in which something is most likely to happen. I would say that your Uranus-Moon contact only has the potential to be very dangerous if Mars gets involved.

Even more so if Saturn gets involved along with Mars. But, as I said, the Uranus-Moon by itself isn't much of an accident indication, and if it were--depending on the houses, it would most likely be to yourself. In my opinion, the biggest sign of the death of a mother would be a Moon-Mars-Pluto transit.

Last edited by Skyseer; at AM. Originally Posted by Skyseer. Originally Posted by MaeMae. Last edited by MaeMae; at PM.Uranus is a planet that disrupts and changes the status quo. It's energy is to free us from our routine and to try new things. Uranus takes approximately 84 years to travel Degrees in the Zodiac and the twelve houses.

The text below is the interpretation of Uranus transit when Square Moon. Previous Uranus Transit. Hope all is well and that blessings flow for you all. User ID. Remember Me. Forgot Password? Uranus Transits.

Uranus Transits to Natal Moon

An unstable condition may appear during this period, especially in your home or personal life. Although this can raise your level of stress, it generally is an inconsistent influence that manifests randomly or when you least expect it. Sometimes the condition is constant but your reaction to it varies depending on your mood or for no discernible reason at all.

Your behavior is occasionally unpredictable regardless of the situation, and you tend to keep others off balance. They can have difficulty gauging how you will respond because you may not fit any pattern.

On the other hand you may encounter incongruities from others, especially with those closest to you. Problems with family members can arise suddenly now as willful responses can isolate you and another. Compromise usually is out of the question as being right overrides being united. Inflexibility can occur which can make it challenging to adjust to unexpected demands that often characterize this interval.

One of the tests of this cycle is learning how to adapt to unforeseen events that likely require you to change your behavior in some small or large way when you generally don? By resisting you can increase tension to an intolerable level where you can emotionally go off without warning. Finding outlets for any emotional tension can allow you to channel it appropriately and relieve the buildup.

This is not to suggest that control is the answer. You tend to go against the grain periodically during this interval anyway and trying to suppress that is probably counterproductive. Although you often take an unyielding stance because you feel you are right, and although this can cause anxiety due to pressures to change your position, you can gain a measure of flexibility by adjusting those patterns of behavior that are easy to change.

This can include elements of your daily routine from how you brush your teeth to when you walk the dog. In making small but conscious adjustments you prepare for the possibility of new insights that can allow you to recognize the correct response to larger issues that may bother you.

Occasionally this cycle concerns unexpected events in your living situation that can prompt you to move, or you may want to move but cannot. Sometimes your needs are unmet or are no longer met due to surprising episodes that can destabilize your personal life.

Regardless of how this period manifests, it presents situations that can force you to come to grips with how you really feel, and it provides the potential for emotional freedom. To achieve that, however, you must look objectively at your behaviors and be willing to change wherever necessary, so that how you feel and how you respond are congruent. Transit Uranus Square Moon This year can be very upsetting emotionally, as you fight against changes in your personal life that threaten to upset your sense of stability.

You may be the catalyst for change, as your inner restlessness leads you to consider radical changes in order to relieve some of the pressure, or you may totally break free from a situation that has become too restrictive.Saturn square Uranus is a major planetary aspect that occurs every 22 years. There is a series of 3 squares from February to December, Saturn square Uranus natal creates a tremendous amount of inner tension. This tension gives you an endless supply of creative and spontaneous energy that makes you very productive but also controversial.

You are strongly independent, self-aware and progressive. But you also have a strong sense of responsibility and appreciation of the stability that structure and tradition give.

This inner conflict between independence and responsibility is the source of your tension but also your creative brilliance. Trying to be responsible and loyal while also being free to be yourself is a constant battle. It means you may experience sudden relationships breakups and career changes. Disagreements about your level of commitment in relationships can lead to sudden outbursts of temper. You may also experience conflict with superiors at work and authorities in general.

It is likely that you have difficulty obeying rules that you feel limit your freedom, creativity, and self-expression. You can have a polarizing effect on others which can give rise to many supporters and detractors.

Your respect for tradition and the State goes only so far because of your strong belief in personal freedoms. You may become an activist or campaigner for human rights or the environment. Throughout life, you have to find a balance between duty and freedom. You are at your best when you can work within a system while having enough freedom to make your own choices. Through many tests and challenges, you will learn to find a balance between routine and excitement, religion and science, conservative and liberal, sane and crazy.

If you rebel too much you will lose support and the stability and security you need for success. Sticking to a routine and always toeing the line will block your creativity and increase your tension to boiling point. Ignoring the rules and moral codes of society would lead to you being labeled a weirdo or worse. So you need to be yourself and do your own thing that must be moderated by practical and ethical considerations.

uranus square moon transit death

Learning to relax will help you channel your highly charged energy in a more efficient and less disruptive way. He found success through Transcendental Meditation:. It helps me to have about 10 percent more conscious thinking.

It also makes it harder to make the kind of changes you do want. This can be a very frustrating time of rising tension and sudden, expected changes. But it does not have to be like that.


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