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Salisbury 7ha axle

Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. The workshop manual makes these sound unbelievably scary, but its possible to remove and exchange the diff units fairly easily. If you want a 3. To begin You will need the following tools and parts 17mm, 19mm, 32mm sockets. Decent socket drive bar, or windy gun Medium Cold Chisel Prybar Rear cover gasket It is a good idea to also have a spare pinion nut to hand, First off, drain the diff and remove the rear cover plate, it is secured by umpteen 17mm head bolts.

Then undo the big nut on the propshaft end of the pinion. If the axle is on the vehicle this is quite easy, as the wheel stop it all turning, but if not, you will need to jam the crown wheel to the case in order to lock the pinion. The nut will have been locked on by someone knocking a dent into the curved section at the top with a cold chisel, if you have problems getting it undone, you may have to indulge in brutality I eventually split the nut on the donor axle with a cold chisel, if you do this take great care not to cause thread damage.

Once the nut is undone, the drive flange should just pull out off the pinion.

Salisbury Differentials and Axle Units

On the nut has been undone on the pinion, undo both hub drive flanges, and withdraw together with the halfshafts. Check the outer ends of the halfshafts and drive flanges for wear - if there is rotational movement of the flange against the halfshaft, get a new halfshaft and flange, as eventually they strip the splines and you lose drive. Then undo the 4 19mm head bolts which secure the bearing either side of the crownwheel unit, and remove the bearing caps.

Keep the bearing caps so you can refit the same cap the same way round in the same side in the case, ideally using the same bolts in each hole - the bearing caps will be machined to match the case.

Now, withdraw the diff unit. According to the workshop manual, you need to spread the case to do this, but both of mine came straight out, as have everyone's I've ever spoke to, including Landyboy whose changed quite a few. It may need a little encouragement to move from a prybar. Don't try and move one side out much beyond the other, or it will jam, it has to come out square on to the gap in the case it lives in.

This is the crownwheel and bearings as removed. Take care not to let it get full of dirt or grit while moving it around, and also take care to keep the two outer bearing races, matched with their respective ends.

salisbury 7ha axle

This is the case after removing the crownwheel unit. The pinion shaft is free, and can be withdrawn. On the pinion will be a bearing, spacer sleeve, and crush sleeve.

It is important to understand that these are matched sets - you must use a crown-wheel unit, pinion, spaces and drive flange from the same axle, otherwise as a minimum you will have to set the crown-wheel backlash up by hand. Now for reassembly, which is basically the same load of stuff done backwards. First off, put the pinion of the new diff through the case, and slide the drive flange on the outside, then fit the washer and nut, just finger tight. Then slide in the crownwheel unit. If the axle is on the vehicle, I found it easiest to lift the crownwheel into the diff pan facing 90deg from normal, then shove the bearings onto each end, before pulling it off the diff pan, turning it back round and sliding into place.

Again, keep it all square on to stop it jamming, and if it really won't go, only tap it with a hammer, via a block of wood. It doesn't have to slide all the way back - provided you could get the bearing caps on over it, they will pull it into place.

Fit the bearing caps matched to the case, not the internalsremember to keep them the same side and same way round as they came off. Do up all four 19mm head bolts evenly, work round in an X pattern pulling them up tighter in stages to make sure the caps seat evenly.Marcos - The Great British Sportscar! Moderator: cazzer. Post Oct 11, 1 T Post Oct 11, 2 T Post Oct 11, 3 T Post Oct 12, 4 T Post Oct 12, 5 T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms.

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Or Learn more Continue. Marcos Sports Car Enthusiasts. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Hi Has anyone overhauled one of these, if so do you have any info on refitting tolerances, end floats etc. Also who stocks the new parts required? In general these Salisbury diffs are made to last.

You could try Ashcroft transmissions as they should know about them but I don't know that they work on them - but they might be able to fill in the gaps.

salisbury 7ha axle

Just in case the design is the same as the 7HA - the Salisbury 8HA is fitted in Land Rover rear axles, and sometimes the off-roaders like to fit diff lockers in them, which means taking them apart. Also I saw an article on overhauling the Salisbury units by some military outfit in one of the Land Rover mags. I remember they needed a substantial special tool to spread the diff housing to get the diff out. If you are really desperate I can dig through a stack of magazines - but I bet that special tool is a really rare item.

The web page has a link to Nicol Transmission Services in Kidderminster link. Hi OldNoccer Thanks for reply. The axle is fully stripped, just need the new parts including the pretension sleeve that fits on the pinion shaft. The reason I had to strip was loss of oil from all orifices. I found 1.Key: AdminGlobal ModMod. John V6 TBM CooperMan Gambalunga Hamilton - Schumacher by Alistair. Fast, quiet and dry travel by Katanazz. Big fat French fry by Viper. Squeaky doors with side screens by Rog.

Bell and Colvill - shut down?? Thank you for the last 2. Most Online 1, Dec 28th, Print Thread. Hello Morganers, I am a Lotus owner visiting your site. Apart from a love of beautiful old cars, we have something else unusual in common - the GKN salisbury 7HA differential. I would like to give my Lotus taller gearing. I have a 4. I understand 7HA parts are getting difficult to obtain, would the morgan club like to participate?

salisbury 7ha axle

Fuel costs are rising. Any interest? Best wishes, and thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion. Have you checked compatibility with the Salisbury diff in the MGB????

The MGC ran 3. Could possibly be machined to fit. Have you looked at Quaife LSD's? Dave, Your knowledge astounds me only exceeded by your willingness to share it. Nearly Forty years under MG's Frank What I did last tuesday though - can be a problem. Thanks for the info. Originally Posted By DaveW. Raising RTA's gearing slightly could be another option to fitting a Type 9 gearbox Hi Guys this my 1st posting on talk Morgan and i just wanted to let you know that i have had 60 sets of 7ha crown wheel and pinions made, 10 of each ratio and i have had a new 3.

Billy you forgot your phone number.Key: AdminGlobal ModMod. John V6 TBM CooperMan Gambalunga Hamilton - Schumacher by Alistair. Fast, quiet and dry travel by Katanazz. Big fat French fry by Viper. Squeaky doors with side screens by Rog. Bell and Colvill - shut down?? Thank you for the last 2. Most Online 1, Dec 28th, Print Thread. Well - not entirely true Using a diagram and parts list from the Morgan company Frank Severin from ClassicGearGarage came up with the part list below that is needed.

Does anyone have a good recommendation where to get those parts? Another possibility could be Morgan dealer Techniques. They are race and rebuild experts. It is the question if you can get the parts or if they would like to renew the axle themselves as a last option. Not sure what stock if any they carry these days. Bearings are standard off the shelf Timken items.

I've often found they have stock not available in the UK! Melvyn Rutter may well have many of the parts - he doesn't list every item on the website. The factory keep a number of spares, I got the outer oil seals there a couple of years back. Thank you all for the recommendations. Arwyn wrote the the bearings are all standard Timken items. However I could not find any documentation that lists the Timken part numbers.

The GoMog pages seem to be a bit outdated as well. JB certainly have the rear bearings, as they supplied me with mine. Brands Hatch Morgan also sell them cheaper than MR.Simply Performance supplies and rebuilds a wide range of Salisbury differentials.

Salisbury 7HA Diff

Though the majority of the differentials that we supply and rebuild originate from Jaguars, they can be fitted into a variety of other vehicles. Alongside this there is a wider demand for the differential units or complete axles, whether early beam axles or the early IRS Independent Rear Suspensionswhich are used for American muscle cars, hot rods and trucks as well as FIA racing builds or kit car based replicas like the AC cobra.

With such a wide variety available you are likely to find specific features suited to your needs depending on your build specification. Here at Simply Performance we stock a wide range of different Salisbury differentials and axles to suit your requirements.

Whether you are a trade customer requiring a number of units or a home builder we would be happy to discuss your needs and find the right solution for you. We also offer many other services depending on what you need. With an extensive stock of used parts we can be sure we can rebuild your differential and supply internal parts if needed. We stock a wide range of crown wheel and pinions.

Some ratios can be harder to obtain but the possibilities are 2. Throughout the years there were a range of different types of cases, ratios and internal setups produced and it is the 4HU and 4HA axles that are mainly found in Jaguars. The PL unit used ramped gears, enabling the pinion cross shafts to move and create more grip on the friction plates.

To this day these differentials are used and are in high demand. Services We offer a range of different differential services. We can: Rebuild and repair of differentials along with other axle components if needed. Custom build of differentials to order in a ratio or specification of your choice. Rebuilding of differentials to change the ratio or specification.Complete the registration form and enter the promo code in the final box.

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salisbury 7ha axle

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