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S63tu engine

The cylinder block, the crankshaft and rods got from usual N Improved the cylinder head from N63B44 : the intake camshaft kept on unchanged, the exhaust changed. Valves, springs were from N Diameters of valves: inlet Camshafts are set in motion by the timing chain, the same as on N63B The intake system is slightly changed, exhaust manifold is new.

BMW S63 firing order: The control unit of the engine — Siemens MSD This motor showed horsepower at 6, rpm and named S63B44O0. All this allowed to increase power to HP at 6, rpm, and the torque Nm at 1, rpm. Learn a little more about them HERE.

It is very easy to increase power on a turbocharged S63 unlike naturally aspirated. If you also buy downpipes, performance exhaust system, then on Stage 2 JB4 you will get horsepower and more.

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New posts. Thread starter GhassanAutomotive Start date Aug 24, Tags arp bmw engine fire r forged pis forged rods remanufactured s63 s63tu upgraded. Forums Engine S JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. GhassanAutomotive 9 Sec Club N Platinum Vendor. Apr 8, Ghassan Automotive wants to provide a stress-free and convenient buying experience.

If you need a BMW engine replacement or just want to upgrade the one you already have, we can do that for you. The process is zero-hassle from the moment we pick up the vehicle or engine, to rebuilding it and returning it back to you.

Engines are usually in stock and ready to ship. No deposits are necessary, unless custom parts are ordered. You must contact Ghassan Automotive before shipping is arranged. Core engines can be shipped to Ghassan Automotive in advance.

How to Build a 700HP+ BMW S63tu for Under $1,500

All core engines must be in a rebuildable condition in order to be accepted. All payments must be made via certified funds. If you have any questions or concerns I would be happy to answer them. Thank you, Zoey. Show hidden low quality content. Post reply Preview. Insert quotes…. Similar threads. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.The S63 is already a highly capable engine even with the stock turbos.

BMW S63 Upgraded Twin Turbo Guide

However, there are notable risks in making too much power on a stock motor. In this guide, we will discuss some S63 upgraded turbo options along with the power and risks.

There are a lot of factors at play. The generally accepted safe limit for the S63tu is about wtq. There is definitely still risk at wtq. However, there are a few ways to mitigate the risk when pushing the S63 towards its limits:. E85 is awesome for high performance applications.

You may consider running only gallons of E85 mixed with octane race gas. Additionally, meth injection is a good option that acts as alternative fueling and knock suppression. Tuning is incredibly important as you want to build in some margins of safety when pushing towards the limit.

We can use the basic equation below to determine the exact torque when peak power occurs:. As such, you could cut a bit of boost in the mid-range and let torque remain flat around wtq. However, you will sacrifice some power in the mid-range, so it would be a slightly slower car compared to the above dyno chart. Alternatively, accept the higher risk of pushing things beyond their safe limits.

Or spend the money up-front to have your engine built. Use your own judgement and decide what makes the most sense for you. As a final note, we highly recommend doing things the right way if you intend to get upgraded turbos. You want to ensure the S63tu is breathing efficiently. That means getting air in and getting it out as efficiently as possible. Catless downpipes will help reduce back-pressure and make the turbo and engines job easier. Intakes allow the engine to pull in the necessary air-flow.

Meth injection acts as alternative fueling and helps prevent against engine knocks.Actual gains are dependent on the following: Learn More. Model — Manufacturers use the same engine in multiple model vehicles and often times they are in a different state of tune, for example: C63 and a CLK Black Series. Both have the same engine, but the C63 has hp while the CLK63 has hp.

s63tu engine

Naturally the C63 will show more gains as it starts at a lower level. The engines remain largely unaltered and as a result, final tuned output remains the same, while the gains are lower as the starting point is now higher.

Top tier brand premium fuels should always be used to achieve the best results possible. Drivetrain — All wheel drive has higher drivetrain losses than rear wheel drive. This results in lower numbers when testing on a chassis dyno. Heat, high humidity, and thin air will all work towards reducing engine output. Engine Health — Higher miles tends to result in increased build up and lower compression which can and will impact engine output. Properly maintained engines will have better performance than abused or neglected engines.

Supporting modifications — The highest power levels require supporting modifications. Some Weistec Engineering performance upgrades may solely be used on vehicles in sanctioned competition which may never be used upon a public road or highway, unless permitted by specific regulatory exemptions such as a CARB E. For state specific details please visit the following website. The purchaser must arrange to return the product s for a full refund. Weistec Engineering holds no responsibility either implied or otherwise for mechanical, electrical or other failure when using any aftermarket performance products.

This product can expose you to chemicals including carbon black, silica - crystalline, formaldehyde, and lead which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and lead, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www. The Weistec S63TU tune provides solid gains through out the entire powerband, This is on a vehicle with stock exhaust and turbos. Additional upgrades will result in even more power.

Simply navigate our website to the tune you wish to purchase. On the tune's product page there will be a drop-down menu giving the option to add Cypher to your tune order. From there, the order is processed, and a Cypher tool will be shipped to you.

What does all this mean to you? More power, sharper throttle response, and consistent performance with out sacrificing refinement. Actual gains are dependent on the following: Learn More Model — Manufacturers use the same engine in multiple model vehicles and often times they are in a different state of tune, for example: C63 and a CLK Black Series. Heat, high humidity, and thin air will all work towards reducing engine output Engine Health — Higher miles tends to result in increased build up and lower compression which can and will impact engine output.

Stage: W. Install instructions. Prop 65 warning Warning This product can expose you to chemicals including carbon black, silica - crystalline, formaldehyde, and lead which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and lead, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

All models require bench flashing at this time. First is the "Burble". The M4 GTS comes from the factory with this in a mild form.The BMW S63tu is a 4. It produces an astounding hp and lb-ft of torque from the factory.

Even better, like many BMW engines, the S63 is also underrated. Aftermarket dyno tests show the S63 around whp and wtq. Nor does it end there. Wake up this beast with a simple tune and bolt-ons. The S63 is capable of blowing way by the whp barrier on stock turbos. Alright, here is the thing. S63 engines are absolute animals. Unfortunately, the S63tu is so good it leaves the DCT transmission in the dust. Factory DCT clutch packs are good for around whp before they begin slipping.

A tune only S63 can push this kind of power. To go further, you may consider upgrading to Dodson clutch packs. The issue? Nonetheless, here are the mods to make upwards of whp:. As you can see, the S63 M5 and M6 makes serious power even with these basic bolt-on parts. Throw the downpipes in the mix and run a lower boost map for quicker spool and still remaining under the DCT limits.

s63tu engine

Before jumping into the actual S63tu M5 and M6 performance mods we must diverge to discuss important standard maintenance items. Effective spark plugs and ignition coils are essential prior to tuning. As such, we recommend changing S63tu spark plugs if you have not done so in the last 20, miles. Same deal for ignition coils with more than 40, miles on them.

Tunes are at the forefront of discussion when it comes to making more power on the S A simple tune can produce up to whp and wtq over stock power levels. Additionally, a tune is required to reap the full benefits of any other S63tu bolt-on mods. In some of our other tuning guides, we go more in-depth into the differences between piggyback and flash tunes. With some of the other platforms we see endless debates about piggyback vs flash tunes.

Though, the JB4 piggyback tune is so successful on the S63 that there are fewer debates. Flash tunes re-write the DME. They change all tuning parameters from fuel flow to ignition timing.

BMW S63 / S63TU Engine

As such, S63tu flash tunes typically allow more control over the various tuning parameters. On the contrary, S63tu piggyback tunes are basically advanced boost-controllers.

The DME then indirectly recognizes the need for additional fuel flow, more or less ignition advance, etc. Ultimately, we recommend opting for the S63tu JB4 piggyback tune.Well Bet365 currently hold a gambling license granted by the UK Gambling Commission, so yes they are. This means that to continue to operate they must adhere to the guidelines set out in the license agreement. My questions sent in via email were usually responded too within a couple of hours (but it does obviously depend on how busy they are).

It was a simple process of gust giving them a call, waiting in line and when I got through help was at hand.

s63tu engine

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s63tu engine

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This book is an ongoing effort to make this basic knowledge available for free. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world Jump to: navigation, searchWelcome to the Wikibook of Statistics Statistics Introduction What Is Statistics. Subjects in Modern Statistics Why Should I Learn Statistics.

What Do I Need to Know to Learn Statistics. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Privacy policy About Wikibooks Disclaimers Developers Cookie statement Mobile view A PDF version is available.

We are home to the Center for Mathematical Finance and Actuarial Research, an interdisciplinary research center providing leadership in quantitative finance. We also provide consulting services through our statistical consulting laboratory: StatLab.

Loren Nickel, Class 1996, Director of Business Risk and Insurance at Google, is the 2017 RIMS Risk Manager of the year. Chancellor Henry and Mrs. Dilling Yang cordially invite you to attend the 2017 Staff Celebration Week. We are pleased to announce that the activities for the week will take place on April 29-May 5. Please browse through the Calendar of Events for more info and details on how to register for events.

Recipient of the 2016-2017 UCSB Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award. Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Wawanesa Scholarship Winners: Karla Orocio Baez, Kristy Cheng, Andrew Freedman, Ariel Huang, and Syen Yang Lu. PSTAT has been a part of UCSB since 1985. Learn More About our Department. PSTAT's Actuarial Program is an SOA Center of Actuarial Excellence Learn More About our PSTAT Undergraduate Programs.

Congratulations to our 2016 graduates. Find Out More About Our PSTAT Graduate Programs. Previous Pause Next PSTAT Points of Excellence PSTAT's Actuarial Program is an SOA Center of Actuarial Excellence Home to the Center for Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Research Operating the UCSB StatLab since 1985.

Alumni SOA Newsletter highlights UCSB Actuarial Program and CASS 2017. Recognition Staff Celebration Week Chancellor Henry and Mrs. Campus Events Congratulations to Prof S.

Faculty Awards Congratulations to our Wawanesa Scholarship Winners.

F10 M5 new engine maintenance. Road trip to Troy Jeup’s home garage S85 King, V10 M5s M6s stacked!

The programme works towards advancing the methodological frameworks for measuring tourism and expanding its analytical potential, designs practical guidance for their implementation in countries, supports statistical strengthening in countries through capacity building, and compiles and disseminates tourism statistics of countries all over the world.

For more information, see About us. This is one of the goals of the World Tourism Day celebrations that are being conducted throughout the world.


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