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Deaths from Covid among residents of care homes show a tenfold increase in the two weeks to 3 April, yet even this may be a considerable underestimate. Melanie Henwood explains that, while there will likely be an overall under-reporting of deaths during the pandemic, this is particularly marked with deaths that occur outside hospitals. The grim accounting of the daily death total from Covid continues. On 10 April, the daily UK figure climbed to β€” the highest to-date β€” surpassing the highest daily deaths experienced in Italy and Spain which had been seen as the most severely impacted European countries.

There has been some decline in daily deaths since, but it may be too soon to take any comfort from this or to see it as the start of a plateau. However, the officially recorded Covid deaths reported each day are only part of the picture as they are deaths that occur in hospitaland do not include any in the community or those in residential and nursing homes.

There is growing concern that not only do the overall figures underestimate the actual deaths, but that they do so because they ignore the plight of people living and dying with the condition outside hospitals. It is important to know the full picture, not least because deaths in the community are both under the radar and have the potential to rapidly escalate. But it is also vital to address these wider deaths because they disproportionately impact on the oldest and frailest people, and to ignore them devalues the significance of those lives.

Evidence has been accumulating through social media commentary, but also through expert reporting, that the situation in care homes should be a matter of huge concern. In part the circumstances reflect the wider issues afflicting social care practice, particularly the shortages of Personal Protection Equipment PPEthat have been widely identified.

If care staff working in the community and in care homes have inadequate PPE, the potential for the infection to spread between people is enormous. Official reporting of the numbers of people dying in care homes from Covid is increasingly being seen as a significant underestimate, and we may be looking at just the tip of the iceberg. The data reported by Chris Whitty, the Chief Medical Adviser, on 13 April stated that there had been outbreaks of Covid infection in one in seven care homes in England, and there were deaths in care homes in England and Wales in the two weeks up to 3 April.

This is not to argue that there is a conspiracy of silence or deliberate covering up of the evidence, although those views will become increasingly prevalent if the situation is not addressed. Yet it is apparent that the data collection and reporting are inadequate and likely to give false assurance that numbers are significantly lower than the reality.

The Office for National Statistics ONS publishes provisional weekly registered deaths in England and Wales, but these figures are published 11 days after the week ends. Over the same period, those Covid deaths recorded in hospital increased from to 3, Some 3, are directly associated with Covid according to death certificatesbut in reality, many more may be.

There are good reasons to conclude that the numbers of Covid deaths being recorded outside of hospitals are considerably underestimating the actual figures. Care England the representative body of independent care providers has estimated that the number of care home deaths already is nearer to 1,; around five times higher than the official ONS figure.

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It is not just deaths that are important here, it is also about the care and conditions for people who are dying in the community. Increasingly, it is being reported that GPs are not visiting care homes and that residents who become infected or suspected as being infected will not be taken to hospital. With PPE shortages not only does this increase the risks that infection will sweep through residents, but that people will die in homes that may lack the expertise and experience to support people dying in respiratory distress.

The experience for residents, and the associated trauma of staff trying to support them, are awful to contemplate. This issue is about the numbers β€” about the transparency, completeness, and reliability of the data recording deaths associated with Covid, and where those deaths are happening.

But more than this, the big issue is what the data β€” and who decides what is measured and reported β€” tells us about how the incidence and experience of death from Covid is regarded. All deaths matter; deaths of the frailest and most vulnerable citizens should be viewed as equally sad.

Melanie Henwood is an independent health and social care research consultant. The gov said older people especially those with under lying illnesses were the most vulnerable or majority of those who live in care homes or nursing homes, so why have they just left them, they should have been the same as hospitals.

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My opinion is that they did not take the virus seriously at the begging, did not have enough equipment to go round was very slow to put thing I to place and the gov is hiding behind following the scientific advice, you just have to listen to ministers when interviewed.

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Share Price Volume No Shares found. Share Price Trades No Shares found. Member Login Remember Me Login.By Jack Wright For Mailonline. Azra Kemal, 24, slipped through a 10ft wide void between two carriageways on a road bridge while escaping a burning car on the A21 on Thursday. She climbed over the barriers in the dark thinking that there was a central reservation between the carriageways before falling to her death. Fighting back tears, Azra's mother Nevres Kemal, 56, today revealed that her home in north London felt empty without her only child.

Speaking in Whetstone, the social worker - who exposed failings in child care in Haringey before Baby P died in - said: 'There is no life in the home. That is all I live for, for her. I am in total shock. I do not know what to say. Azra Kemal, 24, slipped through a 10ft wide void between two carriageways on a road bridge on the A21 between Sevenoaks and Tonbridge. She climbed over the barriers thinking that there was a central reservation between the carriageways before falling to her death.

The accident happened around 2. It has one bridge for south-bound traffic and a separate second bridge for London-bound traffic around 10ft apart. She did not have postcodes. She bridged that gap. She came good. She was such a giver, she was so bright and feisty. She was no angel but she had that quality. I can't cry anymore. She doted on me and I doted on her. She was a beautiful soul. She always used to say: 'I am an old soul'.

Azra's mother Nevres Kemal pictured in revealed that her home felt empty without her only child. They were swapping drivers. She rang about 2. There was a fault with the car and it started to smoke. Then it exploded. They were trying to wave people down and also they crossed the central reservation. This reservation was not there. It was pitch black so she has fallen 40 feet to the earth. Fortunately an off-duty nurse was passing and saw the car and she called the paramedics. The accident happened at 2.

This was God's will, as in the car decided to go on fire there. A car could have stopped and helped. Despite an off-duty nurse passing at the time who called for paramedics and the best efforts of her friends to save her, she was pronounced dead at 3.Take-home assessment require students to complete a task and submit their work within a strict time limit while working off-campus. Students are allowed to consult their own notes, course texts and other materials.

Electronic routes most commonly Moodle can be used across the assessment life-cycle β€” from electronic submission to electronic feedback and return of grades. The overall condition β€” students working unsupervised, with a time limit β€” can include various methods of assessment such as case studies, take home exams and projects.

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Assessment tasks, and time limits, can be devised to serve the course requirements. The timetabling of take-home assessments is the responsibility of the department; therefore measures should be put in place to ensure that that students are not unduly burdened with a number of assessments at the same time.

Care home deaths: the untold and largely unrecorded tragedy of COVID-19

Scheduling take-home assessment requires an awareness of various factors, including requirements for accessible assessment; responsibilities at home; part-time employment, and a consideration of other submission deadlines. It is useful to bear in mind that what is sometimes referred to as an assessment method is, in fact, only the condition in which the assessment takes place and thus only one of several choices to be made in assessment design. Assessment conditions establish the parameters of assessment but within each of these assessment conditions a number of assessment methods may be used.

Reflecting on the purpose, timing and assessment mix should help with decisions regarding assessment conditions. Students may find a take-home assessment less stressful than a traditional exam see Weber, McBee and Krebs, for various reasons familiar location, access to materials, additional and more flexible time.

Different formats and lengths of take-home assessment might confuse students; therefore each assessment task should be accompanied by clear guidance. The risk of unauthorised collaboration can affect student perceptions of fairness. If take-home assessments are being considered for an existing course it might be worthwhile consulting students on the course to gauge enthusiasm and to identify concerns or misconceptions.

Questions should be designed to demand higher order activities from students, and checked by colleagues for possible misinterpretation and approved by the department and external examiners if required by departmental practice. Criteria should be established in advance and shared with students.

Written instructions should be carefully prepared so as to minimise student stress and queries during the assessment period. These should include: word-count setting a word-count can communicate expectations, help with parity and keep marking workload reasonable ; preferred referencing systems, and the policy for late submissions.

Formative assessment should help prepare students for the summative take-home assessment work, in terms of question type and assessment method. Take-home assessment can help reduce the need for specific adjustments for individual students.

Submissions should be double marked or moderated in accordance with departmental practice. The intended learning outcomes of a course are often written such that they reflect what students will have learned by the end of the course; however, as take-home assessments are timetabled by the department, students may be assessed during the term.

Therefore the marker should be careful to assess them in relation to what they are expected to know at that particular point in time. Individual markers should take steps to avoid the problems which affect batch marking, such as the 'halo' effect where one or two positive characteristics of a student overly influence the marker. Changing questions each year prevents previous cohorts of students from sharing their work.


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