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Iran astrology 2020

September 18, by Nina Gryphon. Having examined the astrological indications for war in Iran in the late s and s, we will now look at what the next 12 years hold for Iran. The same sensitive points that presaged the revolution and the Iran-Iraq war should be activated again in the event of another war.

The Khomeini Foundation Horoscope. We will keep a keen eye on this configuration going forward. The Grand Conjunction. The Grand Conjunction occurs every 20 years, and foretells the fate of nations for the upcoming year period. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus was uncomfortably close to the malefic fixed star Algol, associated with the mythological monster, Medusa.

Algol is a violent star of the first order. While the Jupiter-Saturn-Algol contact occurred around the world, in Tehran the Jupiter-Saturn-Algol conjunction fell in the seventh house of open enemies.

Iran Horoscope Astrology Prediction

It also squared the Midheaven of the conjunction chart, afflicting the King, or the government and Supreme Leader. We also note that Mars is just inside the 8 th house of death, and that the malefic but royal! Connections between the Khomeini and the GC Horoscopes. The afflicted Ascendant of the conjunction conjoins the Sun of the Khomeini chart by antiscion.

This portends malevolent afflictions to the country, perhaps due to disease or generally harmful happenings the Sun rules the Khomeini 6 th house. This is a further indication of violence and mayhem. In the GC chart, Venus and Moon are sextile in benefic houses, indicating oil wealth indeed.

The fact that Venus is in the 7 th house indicates that Iran may not have control over its money at some point during this year period, or it may spend it on 7 th house matters, such as war. Next week, we will look at primary directions to the Khomeini chart to determine what will happen in Iran, during this year period, and when. Aries Ingress charts for and Using Aries Ingress charts to narrow down the year. I really like your blog.

But a 3 degree orb for a fixed star conjunction is a bit wide- even for Algol. I disagree about the orb, at least relative to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. Lilly uses a 5 degree orb for the major stars. Now, if you are trying to pinpoint the location, as you did NYC, then yes, you want a very small orb, since a small change in the location may put Algol right on the MC. Thank you for the huge amount of work concerning Iran and its future. I am looking forward to the next installment.

This is pretty spooky stuff. Please continue. Thank you for your encouragement. I have already worked out the specific years when I believe Iran is most at risk of war, but still need to write the post. Bookmark to […]. Glad you like it. You are right about the chart I get 13 Sag, but close enough.

If anything, this chart is worse for Iran than the one I posted. Note the setting Sun, which can show the end of a king. Not sure why you say that the last chart is more important? The old Arab astrologers only ever used the degree of the mean conjunction, minecraft seed map bedrock did not have sufficient precision to cast a chart for the exact moment of the conjunction. They could only look at the degree of the conjunction, not the Ascendant or anything like that.Expanded from the article originally published in the Dec edition of The Mountain Astrologer.

In astrology, every moment matters. The cosmic clock ticking, as planets and luminaries pursue their motion and form celestial patterns, provides a flavor, a meaning, or a message for each passing minute or for a whole epoch. We ourselves are the embodiment of the moment of our birth; as such, each one of us represents a moment in time. In other words, each fraction of time has a purpose. Astrologers track and interpret these passing transits.

Some of them will definitely be more dramatic in effect than others. Particularly, when two or more planets form cardinal angles 0, 90, degrees to each other in the course of their cycle, prominent global developments are activated.

iran astrology 2020

When slower-moving bodies form angles to one another, the effects can be even deeper and farther-reaching because these planets interlock for a longer period of time, and their contacts are much less frequent. For example, in the recent past, we have all experienced, and can share personal anecdotes about, the transiting Uranus—Pluto squarewithin orb since at least and still within range of influence in Both of these bodies represent a strong call for change, with Uranus prompting us to elevate our consciousness and refine our ways, and Pluto taking us on a descent into the crevasses of our emotional difficulties.

The higher mind Uranus must be met with the emotional depths Pluto for change to occur in integrated ways, in both higher and lower realms.

If such an integration is lacking, change may be destructive or ineffective. The intensity of these influences has kept us in a continual transitional state, without the luxury of holding onto security.

Those who did not take the risk to upgrade or transform dynamics in their lives were often confronted with decline. Since this transit was an opening square angle, it is important to refer back to the original conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in —66and realize that this was also a time of social unrest and accelerated development: Back then, the Civil Rights movement was peaking, and sexual freedom was being advocated.

Now, 45 years later at the square, similar dynamics have surfaced, as seen for example in the greater awareness of the police brutality inflicted upon black people in the United States, and in gay marriage gaining momentum worldwide.

The Uranus—Pluto square did not leave us much time for a reprieve from rapid changes and the need to adapt to ongoing transitions. Simultaneously, the transits of Neptune and Chiron in Pisces are also reflected deep existential questions arising from the growing awareness of the ecological trauma we are experiencing.

Will there be a new dawn following the dissolution of so much that has been taken for granted? These intense and complex transits could in fact be precursors to the cycles coming in the year It may seem premature to analyze transits four or five years prior to their occurrence, when so much can happen in between; however, because promises to be a turning point in our history, now is an appropriate time.

The year seems not to let up in intensity. From the first days of the year until the very last ones, each month accrues critically important planetary cycles that will undoubtedly set the tone for many years to come. Here are the most prominent ones:. The year begins soon after a powerful Total Solar Eclipse conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn Dec 26,and this is followed soon after by the mammoth Saturn—Pluto new cycle conjunction Jan 12,exactly on their own respective nodes, and also tightly conjunct the Sun, Mercury, and Ceres.

In March and April, Jupiter catches up to Pluto for another new cycle conjunction, in close proximity to Saturn. This meeting of forces represents, among other things, the redistribution of power in the world or, in other words, which faction will make the decisions that affect the greater collective, whether this occurs in plain sight or behind the scenes. From a spiritual perspective, this cycle reflects a rite of passage determining who is most qualified to be the custodian of resources, and thus regulates who will be in a position of influence.

In its purest form, this cycle is one of the highest tests of integrity and morality for those in authority, along with a test of capacity and resilience. Beyond the management of power, this cycle is also about the skill to increase power and the value of resources. Power and resources can be material but can take the form of knowledge, or spiritual potency, as well.Do you sell online?

Boost your sales with our subliminal audio meditation. Try it and you'll see! Buy Audio Meditation. I am sure we are all concerned about the tension between Iran and U. S after the last events. Is there any possibility of war between Iran and USA? When doing an astrology prediction concerning a war, we should focus on war indicators through astrology archetypes: Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, North node and Neptune.

In particular Lilith's natal position in US natal charts seems extremely sensitive when it comes to war pretexts. This indicates that the context could be manipulated, staged, tricky, behind the mask, as we know Lilith is not always what it seems.

But let's first take a look at the most recent wars U. Now back to our days, you probably know we're getting ready for the big Saturn-Pluto conjunction. This conjunction will perfect at 23 degrees of Capricorn on January 12, This astrological event that occurs only once every 33 - 38 years, so we live it only twice or possibly three times in our lifetimes.

A conjunction blends the qualities of the planets involved and makes their combined energy in the particular sign intense. If the planets get along, it's a great aspect, full of potential, but if the planets don't get along then being trapped in the same sign together can amplify the dark feels. When Saturn and Pluto meet, their proximity announces a period of intensified tension, constraint, and division in collective events. Saturn represents societal structures while Pluto is the surgery that removes ill, dysfunctional patterns and forms.

Thus we can expect new forms and foundational elements in their place. In combination, Saturn and Pluto bring necessary confrontations with cultural issues we can no longer deny or resist.

2020 Predictions

Saturn is the old, established foundationPluto is the new, the reborn foundation.Global : Video with predictions. Video with predictions on my YouTube channel. Previous times of hard transits between Saturn and Pluto 0, 90, and degrees have coincided with increase in military activities, terrorist attacks, and seismic activity. This general global trend has begun in and will continue and intensify into Similarly, this will be a time of change for banks and financial institutions, with entities suddenly appearing, rising to prominence seemingly overnight, then equally abruptly disappearing, or entities radically changing their business.

Surely, more companies will follow. We will likely see a lot of changes in this area and a big push for all transactions to be conducted electronically no cash? In finance and related industries, the focus may shift to all things electronic and community-based incl. Uranus is a planet associated with community, equality, being non-gender specific, and somewhat cold not personable or affectionate — I imagine this may lead to closures or drastic reduction of bank branches that conduct in-person transactions.

Uranus also has to do with all things electronic, high tech, complex, and super fast — this may manifest as increased utilization of big data esp. Other manifestations of the Uranus transit though Taurus may include: weird non-gender specific space-y alien-looking fashion, clothes used to produce electricity, increased interest in wearable electronics, unusual food growing practices e.

Global : Dec through Dec — Increased focus on government, laws esp. This is a beginning of a background influence that will be in place for about a year and will bring greater limitations or restructuring to the areas above — so tighter checks at the border, stricter immigration rules, decrease in the flow of immigrants, tougher standards for higher ed institutions or decrease in enrollment or some other problemsincrease in the number of governmental bodies and of their powers esp.

Then, the entire will likely see significantly increased activity with either one continuous eruption or series of periodic eruptions. Inthere will be an increase in earthquakes globally in general.

iran astrology 2020

Inthe intensification may occur in early Jan, early June, and mid to late Oct. May, Aug-Octthere may be additional significant eruptions that can significantly alter the surrounding landscape.

Alternatively, duringa major effort will be undertaken to rebuild the surrounding area. Either way, the result may leave the area unrecognizable. China : esp. In throughChina will undergo a major transformation in a number of areas, incl.

The transformation will likely be accompanied by scandals, power manipulations, uncovering hidden agendas, and possibly accidents esp. This transformation will be gradual and result in long-term changes. The 12th house deals with water, navy, oil, religion, prisons, chemicals, drugs, poisons, isolation, hidden influence, etc. The influence will likely manifest both ways — the country may engage more in these types of activities as well as external players may engage in them more often to influence China.

For ex. All of these issues will continue to be hot topics in the upcoming months; however, this week may see a spike of concrete news or events with follow up events unfolding in subsequent months e. First such period will be from about Mar through esp. Another such period will likely be in With Saturn Neptune conjunction expected to be a major turning point in oil prices cycle coming up in and Neptune entering Aries inoil prices may indeed continue to rise till then.

At a minimum, as mentioned in the Long Term predictions — OIL section below, we may hear about oil and other Neptunian businesses or products e. After that, I would look at the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune ; esp. At that time, Neptune will also be leaving its own sign, Pisces, which will make that time period even more significant wrt oil prices and anything related to Neptune, including chemicals esp.

Given that Neptune also rules chemicals, alcohol, beverages, pharmaceuticals, navy, water, drugs, poisons, pollution of water or with chemicalsmusic, movies, photography, spirituality, healing with drugs or through alternative approachesetc. Vatican City [ Likely, increased news about power struggles and news related to the issues listed above. It will be worthwhile to observe this period carefully as in a few years, inthe US will experience a Pluto return transit of Pluto over the natal Pluto — this period will bring a similar energy to the US, except in an even more intense way esp.

The US Pluto return is an interesting subject on its own and I plan to write a separate blog post about it. Then, in Jan-Febwe may see more significant events [gradually] unfolding in the US; these will relate to governmental leadership and structure. At the same time, there may be confusion or concerns about borders, land, homeland security, banks, stock market, real estate; problems with flooding, navy, snowstorms, movie industry, oil, chemicals, pharmaceuticals; and religious disagreements transiting Neptune will square US Mars, ruler of the 5th, and Neptune, ruler of the 4th.In United States the democrats and republican have dominated the political scene since American civil war to Since we do not have any horoscope of these two major political parties so for forecasting the US elections the horoscope of presidential nominees have to be rely upon.

In Democratic Party Joe Biden is leading in the race for the presidential nominee as compare to other contenders like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Trump was born on the day of a lunar eclipse. In his horoscope lagan lord Sun and Moon are in close conjunction with Rahu and Ketu respectively. But then Sun is in the 10 th house receiving the aspect of 5 th lord Jupiter which is a Raja Yoga.

Moon is debliteated in the 4 th house but its sign lord Mars, which is Yoga Karaka planet here, is giving aspect to it thus Moon also get involve in a Raja Yoga. Immediately after his election he got the maha dasha of Jupiter which as the 5 th lord is well placed in the 2 nd house. But then this Jupiter is retrograde and receiving the aspect of Saturn, which is a functional malefic, from the 12 th house of losses.

See Jupiter which is debliteated in the Dashmasha chart has to give him some humiliation at office. Then on the basis of the Swearing-in horoscope of Donald Trump i had given forecast about the declining status of USA as sole superpower. Now he will be fighting for his re-election when Vimshottari dasha of Jupiter-Saturn January to July would be running in his horoscope. Saturn is in the 12 th house of losses in birth chart.

It is Vargottama but in Dashamsha it is in the 6 th house of disputes. The 7 th house signifies war. USA may get involve in a war with Iran during which will badly affect the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. So despite a tough fight he may lose election. Cancer is the 12 th house from lagna and Pisces is the 8 th house.

Cancer get the aspect of Amatayakaraka Moon which shows some tough contest but no sign of victory. Joe Biden is senior democratic party leader who served as vice president from to In his Vrischik lagna horoscope there is a very strong Gaja Kesari yoga. Moon is in Aries getting the aspect of its sign lord Mars. Jupiter as the 5 th lord is exalted in the 9 th house of luck. Rahu is in Leo and its depositor Sun is strongly placed in the lagna.

In Dashamsha Rahu is placed in the lagna which is excellent and its depositor Venus is in 11 th house of gains. Jupiter in Dashamsha aspect the 10 th house of power.During Jupiter in the sky will be within effective orb of a conjunction aspect with Pluto with the exact conjunction being formed on three occasions. The first is on April 5, at 2.

On March 1, at Mars strife, conflict, disputation and violence and Saturn falling prices, recession, safety nets, fear and caution are conjunction Jupiter and Pluto. Jupiter is the planet of finances, banks, commerce, trade, retail sales, higher prices, law, legal matters, the courts, judges, arbitration, treaties, shipping, ships, long journeys, cruise ships, religion, advertising and the public expression of opinion.

Pluto is the planet of groups, cooperation, a unified position, the splitting into opposing factions, division, disunity, crime, corruption, coercion, coercive methods, persecution, political repression, human rights abuse, dictators, opaqueness, intimidation, threats, manipulation, propaganda and misinformation. And their merger in the sky amalgamates the matters they rule and forecasts financial cooperation, the redrafting of financial policy, financial coercion, higher living costs, selling pressures, drastic-coercive trade events, trade pacts, favors bought for cash or gifts, a tidal wave of corruption, dishonest judges, corruption in the judicial system and unjust legal decisions.

The covid pandemic is resulting in staggering financial losses and Jupiter and Pluto will provide massive financial aid packages to counter the financial and economic damage.

iran astrology 2020

In the age of no-god people can lie under oath without fearing dreadful punishment from a higher court of judgment.

Jupiter conjunction Pluto puts the focus on the banking system, major bank mergers, digital neobanks that reach customers on mobile apps and personal computer platforms only, criminal activity by bankers, severe regulations on banking practices, sales practice scandals and the division of labor between central banks and governments. In central banks are providing financial aid to counter the economic damage being caused by the covid pandemic, but with interest rates so low they have little room to cut and if recession Saturn strikes Pluto could see a drastic financial situation develop.

Jupiter is the planet of orthodox religion and Pluto is the planet of atheism and in their conjunction should turn the spotlight on the soul destroying misinformation being peddled by orthodox religion and materialistic atheism.

Whatever… they forecast disunity and splits within religious organizations and major events involving religious groups, faith groups, religious fundamentalists and monopoly religions.


This trendline will continue throughout with major Jupiter-Pluto events making headlines around the time that each conjunction and parallel aspect reaches peak power. The second Jupiter-Pluto conjunction occurs June 30, at 5. Jupiter conjunction Pluto forecasts major international events involving finances, banks, trade, commerce, retail sales, legal matters, laws or religion and groups, compulsory cooperation, division, drastic action, massive crowds, crime, corruption, inversion, misinformation and fake news.

Chart data is April 5, at 2. Jupiter and Pluto and Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Neptune are in house 1 — the people and their welfare — so the country is still talking Brexit Mercury and optimistic Jupiterpessimistic Saturnangry Marsconfused Neptune and divided Pluto.

The UK left the EU on January 31, and is now in a transition period Pluto that involves negotiating trade deals Jupiter and other arrangements. On December 25, Jupiter is conjunction Saturn in the sky. So Jupiter conjunction Pluto throughout provides Britain with a road map for trade negotiations with the EU and other countries. Boris Johnson has his hands full.Saturn conjunct Pluto in Mundane astrology is a climax of power plays by the world power mongers including the Vatican, the 12 families the run the world ie Rothchilds etcthe Zionists, the Central Banks and the Military Industrial complex and the Globalists.

The Central Banks are also on the run as the trillions of dollar in debt they created are teetering on the edge and world pension funds are underfunded. Only upstart Iceland successful fought off these people and imprisoned the corrupt bankers. So much drama to unfold here. With the Dec. The media has spun so much that no one knows the truth anymore or believes. With Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn going into Capricorn, we hope that the total truth will come out but will the country accept it or will they riot?

The division in the US continues to be rather extreme and continues to be troubling. Rahu in Gemini, the sign of the media, continues to lead to a climax in media spin and fake news and that goes until Sept. I want the truth to come out and I want all the distorted lies and spin to come to an end. Even if that happens, I am not sure half of the population will accept it whatever side of the aisle you are on. Why so much hate? Not sure the socialist movement will triumph either.

This is happening already with California and New York having no exceptions for vaccines for religious reasons. Big Pharm is getting more powerful from their victories in those states. China will rise into power and prominence with Saturn in Capricorn next year.

Still in the process of stirring up change, government will try to take more power and tax more to deal with their failing budgets and pension programs. Big cities and states that are heavily taxed like Illinois and New Jersey could quickly fall apart at the seams as people flee a tax structure that does not work.

The governments will empower the police to enforce the situation and it could get ugly in certain areas. Ketu is the planet of bankruptcy and when it conjuncts Jupiter, in January in the US sign of Sagittarius, if the US does not have its debt levels in order, it will face very serious consequences with the world. Trump appears to be trying to change things but he is not cutting back spending or dealing with balancing the budget so exploding housing bubbles and stock markets and other inflated assets may let to a very serious situation since a bunch of adolescents have been buying beyond their means all over the world.

Usually when the powers that be get into trouble, they create wars to rally the people behind them. There are forces on the planet bringing more light and people are turning more to spirituality and are awakening to being played by government and the media.

Astrology Predictions - Spring 2020 - Iran

Will they hurt enough to take action? I think Saturn, representing the common man will rise up over the coming years but we have big changes happening until April when Jupiter gets into Pisces.

Be sure to help others, donate to charities, keep the media off so you stay out of fear and help your neighbor.


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