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Does zambian president have any dealings with seer 1

Arrest Seer 1 for election meddling and death threats

Mr Chitotela along with other PF Ministers and some Members of Parliament has been mentioned by some people on social media as one of the politicians who could have obtained some magical powers from Seer 1 to win the elections.

Just look at this, I am informing fellow Zambians previlaged to be on social media about this important development in regards to our wildlife, what do i see? Meanwhile, the ruling PF says it does not have time for what it called unnecessary drama from Seer 1.

PF Lusaka Province Secretary Kennedy Kamba has since appealed to God-Loving Zambians to ignore the frustrated and bitter Soul in the name of Seer 1 and the drama he is trying to cause after being expelled and deported from Zambia. Zambians know who a true man of God is and the language used.

Whatever Seer 1 was saying was not for God. President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, his cabinet Ministers and all of us in the PF are preoccupied with matters of governance and finding solutions to challenges that Zambians face on a daily basis and we are getting there with the help of the Almighty God.

He has no moral right to talk about governance issues in Zambia because he is a thief who blatantly stole from Zambians and was ejected from this country because whatever he does is not for God but himself. Only the beneficiaries are to worry. So Mr. Kamba, speak in the same manner Mr. Chitotela has, by claiming personal innocence and not for all. The guilty ones should be panicking right now. Zambia is just a big joke. We are just views and we are not involved in any issue of seer one, all we need is favor from God through the helping of the Government our people are dying, the police where are you Government where are you?

Thats the reason why seer one is annoyd to those of you he gave his power. Kkk why are answering? Where you mentioned? What about that ring you put on? Did you just buy it kkkkk. The devil is a lier he has always been a lier, how come now some Zambians want to trust a deceiver.

Zambians can easily be captives of Satan, Jesus said you will know them by their fruits first look at the fruits coming out of his mouth. Just give out what belongs to career sir,we know exactly whom you save. God is not part of politics we know the consequence of holding of thoses offices what more if you in the army you need charms to obtain a rank or civil servants.

Vogwila gwila ma ministers you see now in return?


Keizer Zezulu remember the fatal accident you had and some midget appeared and you rushed to the wrecked car to retrieve your things. Take them back to Seer 1. All roads lead to Seer1 in South Africa for all 20 PF ministers and others tiye, tiye, tiye lelo ni lelo………. He said he wants his gifts back before he names and shames…. Yes you dont know him, but you know about Mukulu Timber traffiking not so???Why do we need to be warned not to follow false prophets in the first place?

These words are true and they can be trusted! But in these last days false prophets must come so that prophesy is fulfilled. For some few days now, I have been meaning to take a cool and reflective look at Seer 1. The Zambians have made him a headline. My argument is that he should not be made a factor in Zambia. But his fancy title is just a millstone of pride.

He has such a blasphemous spirit from the ground up. Love of money is what it is. We know Seer 1 by his fruits.

What Seer1 knows but many PF cadres don’t

Therefore, those wandering after prophets, make sure you have the Holy Spirit and trust Jesus to be your own guide so you are not deceived by prophets like seer 1. At this stage Zambians can believe anything. The only activities are beer drinking, by-elections and shoddy deals. When you speak boldly cadres will waylay and beat you.

does zambian president have any dealings with seer 1

The only truth availbale is that criminals in Chingola turn into cats and owls! Zambians are giving Seer1 attention because he has publicly said that some govt officials hv had dealings with him. These are people who make decisions on behalf of millions of their fellow citizens.

I know that Seer1 is just a conman preying on the superstition of people. Thanks Surely they are not. Why are you not direct. You know it is the minister who unnecessarily responded to him and made him a hero. You know these guys have no tactical PR skills, when to and when not to respond. Classic example is Sunday Chanda and Amos Chanda was the same. We would like to know the witches in the ruling party. I can not imagine a witch being driven in a grz vehicle flying a Zambia national flag.

This is abomination of its highest order. He is providing effective checks and balances. He wants his things back. The man called Seer 1 has rattled the PF nest. There is panic from the PF president right down to their dull cadres.

Their recent public reaction to Seer 1 proves my point. Recall that Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin had allegedly restored the manhood of one Chris Muabu to normalcy in church after suffering erectile dysfunction. Chris Muabu formally known as Abdulaziz born Muslim but converted to Christian had erection dysfunction for over 3 weeks, urinated blood, visited several hospitals was even booked for operation yet to no avail until the prophet allegedly restored the manhood….

TO WIN Could be what Nevers Mumba posted yesterday on social media. God can use anything including false preachers like seer 1 to expose the satanic powers that some politicians use to attain political victory. And those black rings that a number of politicians were seeing wearing? Its obviously because of his fake prophesy about the elections.The answer to this question is the counsel I offer to my nation. I believe Zambians have questions which both the PF and to a larger extent the Church are not answering.

The self proclaimed Seer revealed that some leaders in PF government are his clients. He is however now upset that the power he gave to them is being used against the people and he wants his fetishes back. This is what brought the explosion of excitement in the nation. Zambians are angry at the prospect of being governed by powers of darkness and are waiting to confirm if there is any truth in this.

To PF: Restrain yourselves from attacking the so called Seer. You are the government. If truly there are some PF ministers implicated, let them deal with it at a personal level. Unless the Seer was contracted by the PF party as a whole. The Seer is inconsequential at this stage. It is his allegations that must be dealt with.

Unfortunately, any covenant entered into with a spiritualist has consequences. The people involved must clear themselves. He uses donkeys, witches, prophets and ordinary people. The Lord wants to expose those who use blood and human sacrifice to attain political power. Those politicians who are not affected by this have nothing to worry about. Their prayer should be, Lord let your will be done. His will is for Zambian politics to be cleaned and clear of demonic influence.

This confirms my life long dream of Zambia Shall be Saved. I hope Zambians see this. It is not politics but the redemption of a nation.Controversial Nigerian Self anointed Prophet Andrew Ejimadu famously known as Seer 1 has insisted that he helped the PF retain power in the general elections. He was deported in after authorities deemed his antics as a danger to society although he insists that he was not departed but that he reached a compromise with the Zambian government to leave the country on his own terms.

In an interview with Diamond TV Monday evening hours after a video appeared of his Sunday Church service in which he revealed that 20 PF Ministers and some MPs obtained magical powers from his to win election, Seer 1 insists that his revelations are solid. Seer 1 who is now based in Polokwane, South Africa revealed shocking details of how he was able to assist the PF members to win the election.

Seer 1 claimed that a number of PF politicians, and musicians have used his powers to obtain success. Seer 1 explained that he has been made to issue the threats in reaction to the way the Zambian government is allegedly mistreating some clergymen and women. He says the arrest of Chingola based Bishop Kazhila for speaking out against the killings in Chingola shows that the PF government does not respect the Church. He admitted that he caused a lot of deaths in Zambia among people that failed to follow his instructions but refused to reveal the names of those he killed saying he respects their families.

The biggest tragedy to have hit Zambia lately are men and women of gold. Now birds are coming home to roost. Christians or Satanists? Pf is a vicious cult led by a vicious snake eating drunkard. All well meaning Zambians must come together and free themselves from these brutal bustards. He must be in love with zambia …unfortunately he is undesirable person in zambia. Careful with what you are saying. Just another con and claiming to be a man of God.

Shocking what people resort to just for money!!! The mere fact that this man and his ilk even hv a following is enough indictment on us as country. Truth is wherever public services such health, education, security, transport, town planning and water are failing, someone has to fill in the void. Hence the strength of mega churches in Nigeria and quickly spreading to Zambia.

Hahaha I have never laughed so hard in my life. This fake and stupid con artist is really a clown. If he had such powers, I am sure he would have formed his own party in his own country and won elections there.

does zambian president have any dealings with seer 1

The only person who made pf win is me. My hard work ensures victory. He called himself a prophet, clergy,as for me such people I call them magician, witchcraft and all evil names he deserves to be on him, someone exposing like that he just want money from the politicians which will result in killing their opponents,SA should watch out with such people this guy has to be caged reveal those people he has killed and who are those ministers and musicians.

Such kind of men cause the name of GOD almighty to ridicule.

does zambian president have any dealings with seer 1

No wonder he was expelling from Zambia. Paul kigame is the only African progressive leader who does not belive in this which craft and prophet shyte, he banned these crooks. I ask again, why are all prophets these days black African people only? Take religion cautiously with an open mind and hand yourselves to be misled have wisdom and Knowledge.

Only the devil or his worshipers demand something back from people they supposedly helped. How does a country that calls itself a christian nation allow such useless characters as this false Prophet whom God will trike in down in few days.His confidence that not even prayer will save those that got power from him that is if he really has that power is based on these three things that all should know today.

Anyone who enters into an agreement with Satan or spirits for fame or riches cross the line of grace, have darkened hearts and minds to accept conviction for sin easily and turn to God. Unless God intervenes there is almost zero chance that such would yield to Him in full submission with the only motive they would seek Him would be for protection out of fear not genuine repentance.

Andrew has been around most of these Zambian pastors and self acclaimed prophets and knows them well enough and their secret sinful dealings. He knows that none of the so called clergy that are aligned to the Patriotic Front government and are beneficiaries of their loot are of God including our own Religious Affairs minister, Reverend Sumaili even when she tries so hard to act as one.

None of them can offer effective prayers that will be heard by God that he interposes incase of a spiritual attack. If indeed they were able to then Joy Imakando, Joshua Banda, Sunday Sinyangwe and many other so called Anointed men of God would have boldly stepped up to denounce and dare him, their quietness tells it all. Andrew knows that Pentecostalism as a christian practice of faith is a hoax, and is impotent of the very power its adherents claim and try to display through miracles and prophecies.

The gimmicks he uses to perform miracles and give prophecies are the same ones everyone uses all over Africa to draw crowds so how will he fear their prayers or which God will answer prayers from an error founded and based faith. Incase many have no idea of what am talking about then let them Google search Charles Parham, William J.

Seymour or Azusa street revival to understand what it is all about. A belief system founded on error and left uncorrected for more than a century does not become a correct one by long practice, it remains erroneous and unsanctioned of Heaven. I challenge those who claim to have miraculous and prophetic power to prove me wrong. Share this post. Main News Newer Post. Older Post. Optimised by Newsgain.Kings says Seer 1 is a hired gun, who is fighting for the opposition and has no powers as he claims.

Kings says the threats of deaths by Seer 1 on politicians were baseless and would amount to nothing. We also went to Rozindaba, she was working for Zamtel then and we told her, something is wrong with your pastor here. Where is he patriotism as a nation? He is going to point at anyone. He can point at any minister because he wants the people to rise against the government. Why is he pointing at someone who is not in PF? This guy is a sponsored person, he has been sent, he is just a young man who is looking for life to survive.

He can do anything to earn a living. How can you give a platform to a person who is insulting the nation? Why is he talking about this when there is ritual killings? I personally cannot go to a person I have seen grow in ministry. It is because it is us who are making PF.

We seem to be PF people and he has said that he has endorsed HH, the fight now is [about] killing the names of those who are perceived to be PF.

Nefyakwipaya ifyo takwabe even the deaths he is talking about will not be therehe is just a young man trying to earn a living. Your email address will not be published. Mercury poses health risk to gold miners — CTPD. IMF offers immediate debt relief for 25 countries.

Letters: editorial themastonline.

Zambia’s Redemption is Near: Seer 1 and Ritual Killings

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Follow The Mast. All Rights Reserved.A bizarre confession has emerged from a South Africa-based Nigerian prophet who claims that the Patriotic Front won the elections dubiously and with the help of his supernatural powers. This prophet, going by the name of Seer 1, has since asked the PF officials who got the supernatural powers from him to surrender them before he kills them all on the basis that they have brought suffering on the people of Zambia.

The same thing they collected from me to win elections is the same thing they are using to oppress innocent people [and] stealing from innocent people. Or whatever I gave you in secret [and] you are in PF government, return it. Mark my words, I swear. We are very concerned about this because, judging by the social media euphoria around this, the confession has the potential to cause unrest in the country if any of the leaders was to die. We are fully aware of the fact that the PF has been oppressing people and stealing from the poor.

But we do not believe that the solution is to kill them, even without trial. Murder is a serious crime and should it pass that our political leaders drop dead one by one within the stated time frame, Interpol must find this so-called prophet and bring him to justice. In fact, Interpol must already be looking for him because he is a criminal who has admitted to meddling in our electoral process.

We heard him basically admitting that he is responsible for the death of a named young Zambian celebrity whom he gave power, on grounds that he did not do as commanded by some covenant entered into. Now what kind of Christianity is that? Where in the Bible did Jesus kill his followers after blessing or healing them? This is just insanely blasphemous and ridiculous. Jesus, with all the spiritual power at His disposal and the miracles He performed, acknowledged His Father, God the Creator as the life-giver.

But Seer 1 claims to have power above God and Jesus Christ to give and take life. Who does he think he is? If we may ask, how many Nigerian politicians has this Seer 1 given this supernatural power to win elections and how many has he killed? What about in South Africa where he is based?

How many politicians has he put in power and how many has he killed? Is he saying only Zambian lives are this cheap for him to slaughter like chickens? In our view, there is nothing Christian about this prophet. What he practices is pure Satanism from the underworld which the discerning people of Zambia must reject. What this evil prophet is doing is an attempt to destabilize the country by sowing seeds of fear and confusion in the citizens and their leaders.

does zambian president have any dealings with seer 1

It appears like this prophet wants the people of Zambia to worship him as the person who gives and takes life and the person who decides who must govern the country. Now, this Seer 1 cannot be so powerful to own the souls of Zambian citizens and decide when to make them live or die.


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