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Celebrity pub quiz

In the absence of our beloved boozers and social events with friends, people have taken to watching Netflix together, working outand even dating online. But nothing has taken the nation by storm quite like the virtual pub quiz. The format is pretty easy: set up a Zoom call or your video-conferencing service of choicepick a quizmaster, and then deliver the quiz. But how can you source the perfect questions?

And now to our final and favourite round: who wore rocked these iconic if not sometimes questionable red carpet looks? MORE: 20 entertainment questions you can use for your virtual pub quiz. Follow Metro across our social channels, on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Follow Metro. Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this article via messenger Share this with Share this article via email Share this article via flipboard Copy link. Share this article via comment Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter. More Stories. Today's Best Discounts.Pub quiz organising is no longer the job of people who are paid to stand in front of a crowd and ask the questions.

So we decided to save you the hassle and put together 19 pub quiz rounds on all sorts of topics so you can lift them right from this page and save yourself the trouble. These are generic history questions, which should hopefully get your players scratching their heads and trying to remember their school days.

Which Scottish monarch was convicted of treason and was beheaded at Fotheringhay Castle in Northamptonshire on the 8th February ? For this round, you name the country, and those playing have to name the capital city.

This round is all about quotes. Read the quotes out, and your guests have to guess who said them.

celebrity pub quiz

Some are from fictional characters, while others are a little more serious and historical. For this round, you can choose to give the point to the closest answer. England crashed out of the World Cup losing to Germany on penalties, Madonna released the song Vogue, and Nelson Mandela was freed after 27 years in prison.

Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated in India, Israel was declared an independent state, and Ozzy Osbourne was born. Features like screenshare are handy here, so you can pop the pictures into a powerpoint and let them see each one. What is the highest points total in a season ever achieved by a team in the English Premier League? Holden Caulfield, an icon for teenage angst and rebellion, is a fictional character in which American literary classic?

This round is much like the others, so ask as normal and see how much of the silver screen your guests know. Test your celebrity knowledge with these questions. Much like in the picture round, this one requires you to share the photos with your teams screenshare is easy enough for them to pick out the answers. Bottles of Bollinger, bottles of Stolichnaya, and cigarettes would have been the main props used in this show.

Intrepid travellers might have been to a few of these tourist hotspots. For this round, you have to answer each question as normal, with the final question tying them all together. Name the film directed by Peter Weir that depicted three schoolgirls and their teacher mysteriously disappearing on Valentines Day in Get in touch with us at MetroLifestyleTeam metro. MORE: Baby elephant leaves adorable imprint after falling asleep on the sand. Follow Metro. The Fix The daily lifestyle email from Metro.

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Celebrity Chefs

Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Question 2: What is the name of the radio presenter that appeared on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here last year? Question What was the phrase Lucie Donlan tried to make a catchphrase at the start of her season of Love Island? Question 3: What was Cilla Black's real name? Celebrity quiz questions and answers: The Strictly Come Dancing stars. Question 4: What celebrity is best known for being magician Paul Daniels assistant?

Question 6: Who was the winner of the masked singer last year? Question 7: Who won I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in ? Celebrity quiz questions and answers: What Celebrity Juice star has left the show? Question What Strictly professional dancers left the show last month?

Question What Celebrity announced they would be leaving Celebrity Juice earlier this month? Question: What Chase star's nickname is 'The Beast'? Celebrity quiz questions and answers: What One Direction member is going to be a father? Royal Family quiz questions: 15 questions for your Royal quiz Politics quiz questions and answers: 15 questions for your quiz Film quiz questions and answers: Best movie questions for your quiz.Test your general knowledge with these quiz questions about famous faces answers are included.

25 funny pub quiz questions 2020: hilarious trivia to ask in your virtual quiz - and answers

From singers to actors and TV personalities - we'll really put your knowledge of the world's most bright and beautiful to the test. So if you think you're hot on the most recent celebrity goss, this is definitely the general knowledge quiz for you.

Calling all parents. Put down the wine glass. Step away from the school books. We need your brains. Right here. Right now. We are asking you to take part in our Great Big Parenting survey to show the world, politicians, fellow parents, just what life is like in Lockdown.

Help us paint a true picture of how this crisis is affecting you and your loved ones. And if you loved this quiz and want to test your brain on even more subjects, like food, films and history - check out some of our other popular quiz questions below. So without further ado, roll out that red carpet and strike a pose because things are about to get a little star-studded around here.

Which actor, famous for starring in 'Last of the Summer Wine', was also the voice of Wallace in the Wallace and Gromit films? Who was the English crime writer famous for writing the Inspector Morse series, who died in March ? Feel free to share your own quizzes and challenge other members to see who will be top of the class! Join our Facebook group for the best quizzes around Cambridgeshire. Click here to join the team! By Abigail Rabbett. Put your celebrity knowledge to the test with our fun trivia quiz!

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Do you love to put your general knowledge to the test? Then this is the group for you! Follow CambsLive. More On Quizzes Stay In. News all Most Read Most Recent.What did it turn out to be? There were no eligible basketball players available to date her and she would have to wait until the June draft for more. Proactiv had sadly decided to pay millions of dollars for her to endorse its acne products. She asked for Coke in a restaurant and they had Pepsi instead, would that be OK?

Mouse Mat. BBQ Grill. Chive Sauce. Long Dick Davidson. Paltrow accidentally rear-ended Sanderson after zoning out listening to a podcast about meditation. One Direction. Nicki Minaj. Katy Perry. Taylor Swift. Brie made from Paul Chuckle.

Mozzarella made from Professor Green. Cheddar made from Suggs. Stilton made from Ruby Tandoh. Offered Tom Cruise out for a fight via Twitter. Tried to sell his Beverly Hills mansion via Instagram.

Been blamed for the closure of an Icelandic canyon ruined by Bieber-inspired tourism. All of the above. Charles endorsed a rival brand of vitamin gummies. Iggy Azalea with IA mayonnaise. That she was planning controversial gender-selection treatment in Mexico to ensure her fifth child would be a daughter.

celebrity pub quiz

That she was contemplating a return to TV. Posh, Waitrose. Scary, Tesco. Shane MacGowan. Britney Spears. The sexual chemistry between Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes.

Lock Down Family Quiz , Pub Quiz , Anagram , Celebrity Quiz, Multi Choice Quiz Family Fun

Miss Piggy. You got…. Genuinely think this score is embarrassing. You should be ashamed to have this knowledge. I think you know an acceptable amount about the world of celebrity. What is wrong with you? Go outside. Text your friends.

Live your life.When we look back on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, a number of things will come to mind. Namely: sweatpantsbaking a lot of bakingand virtual quizzes.

We've been quizzing way more than we ever have before. Forget The Governess, we're genuinely eyeing up a career change as one of the experts on The Chase. Bradley Walsh? Give us a call. If, like us, you've spent every evening competing with your mates over Zoom, and have to host one in the near future, here are some question suggestions in the Entertainment sphere that might give you some inspiration. We got it covered. And while it might feel like all you've been doing is quizzing, we're also aware that when you're unable to see family and friends as frequently as you'd like or in groups larger than six So why not have a little catch up and improve your celeb knowledge while you're at it?

Quiz 61 – Round 3 – Celebrities

Happy quizzing! If you're looking for some more questions to make up your next Zoom quiz, how about these easy trivia questions? Or how about this hard general knowledge? Or some true or false questions? You're welcome! Like this article? Sign up to our newsletter to get more articles like this delivered straight to your inbox. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Celebs pay tribute to Naya Rivera. Here's what's going on with Jada and Will.

Face masks will be compulsory in shops. This is the Queen's favourite Netflix show. Brooklyn and Nicola's relationship timeline. Getty Images.

celebrity pub quiz

For one point each, can you name all of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's children Who won the first ever series of X Factor, and for a bonus point, what year was it? What is Lady Gaga's real name? What film did Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt famously meet on the set of? Can you name any of Netflix's top 10 most watched TV shows and films of one point for each To the nearest 1million, how many YouTube subscribers does Jeffree Star have, as of April ?

What book franchise is Anastasia Steele from?Hosting a pub quiz can be daunting and often thankless task. The easiest way to keep participants on side is by lacing your home made quiz with some fun and quirky questions. Inject a bit of fun into your lockdown trivia night with these funny and often unbelievable quiz questions.

Find more fun pieces of trivia for your next pub quiz at freepubquiz. If you dug a hole through the centre of the earth starting from Wellington in New Zealand, which European country would you end up in? What nickname was given to Rembrandt's The Night Watch after being over-restored in the s? The leader of which country has his face on all the joghurt pots, has named the month January after himself and banned ballet. News you can trust since Sign in Edit Account Sign Out.

By Finlay Greig. Updated Monday, 13th Julypm. More and more groups of friends are hosting virtual pub quizzes during lockdown Shutterstock. Sign up. Thanks for signing up! Sorry, there seem to be some issues. Please try again later. What is the most common colour of toilet paper in France? What is the correct term for a question mark immediately followed by an exclamation mark?

Who entered a contest to find his own look-alike and came 3rd? French artist Aquabouse paints cows with what material?


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