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Audi stock sound system

Discussion in ' Motors ' started by jonneymendozaMar 30, Log in or Sign up. Overclockers UK Forums. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More.

How to Audi A4/A5 Bang & Olufsen Subwoofer Upgrade

Standard audio vs Audi sound system Discussion in ' Motors ' started by jonneymendozaMar 30, Show only OP. Mar 30, at AM 1. Hi, has anyone used either systems?

audi stock sound system

Does the Audi sound system come with a subwoofer? Mar 30, at AM 2. Short answer, yes it is worth it. Which model is it for? Mar 30, at AM 3. What about the Ford sound system, can you get that?

Mar 30, at PM 4. Yes, but only if you specify luminous green paint, stick on an RS badge and start parking in council estates. Mar 30, at PM 5. The standard system in the A6 is very good but I don't know how it compares to the upgraded one.

Mar 30, at PM 6. Mar 30, at PM 7. No amp in the boot and the woofer sits inside the spare wheel. Mar 30, at PM 8. The sub is a little compact unit in the spare wheel well. Even the meridian system i tried in the Jag XF was nothing to write home about.

If you do like music in your car then its well worth searching for a car with the uprated audio. Mar 30, at PM 9. Good little package would highly recommend.Estimated time of completion is hours, depending on experience. Next, remove the bass speaker housings.

This is accomplished by unplugging terminals from all four speakers, unwrapping the tape loom holding the wires to the speaker housing, and unscrewing three torx screws from each speaker.

Remove the speaker cone:.

audi stock sound system

Cut through the support beams:. Remove the coil and magnet:.

2019 Audi A8 - Bang & Olufsen Premium Sound System+subwoofer demonstration

Break off the remaining support nubs:. Wrap the edge twice as in circle it two times with tape to ensure airtight seal:. Drop the speaker into the housing.

Solder or crimp the connections. Place screws in the designated holes around the edge of the speaker. Reinstall the speaker housings to the doors, then plug in the speakers and test them. The stock tweeters are thick aluminum mounted directly to a magnet. Lastly, reattach the door cards, find a song you like, and play it louder than you think you should. While the speaker housing itself is intended for 6. I accomplished this by creating an angular often mistakenly called radiused edge along the outside diameter of the new speakers.

This can be carried out in multiple ways: blade, file, wheel grinder, belt grinder. Try installing an aftermarket head unit and bypassing the amp, or installing sound deadening sheets such as Dynamat to your door frames.

Will these speakers sound okay with the stock head unit? Hi Austen, These, and all aftermarket speakers, will significantly improve the sound from the stock head unit. Sound is a pretty subjective thing, but in my opinion, the Alpine S components are the best bang for your buck, within these size constraints. Are you planning to upgrade your head unit sometime cause i am interested in that aswell. If not, you may find yourself turning down the tweeters on the nifty crossover that comes with the set.

Mine is one year older with a dvd slot and half the ram. Spotify, backup cam, bluetooth, torque, etc. One important consideration is that it takes 25 seconds to cold boot.

Update: speakers came early this morning, the tweeter fit the stock housing with no modification. The speaker themselves have a metal mounting ring that sits on the inner ring slope of the stock housing, should work fine. Hi Jordan, I have a b7 A4 too. Now for the subwoofers that the car has, what do you recommend replacing them with?

Also should I go for an aftermarket head unit and a new amp and new wiring harness? A free air sub is one that uses part of the car in this case, the entire trunk as a box. Though I used the smallest box in spec, it still takes up a decent amount of trunk real estate about 1.The installation is reasonably easy. You should estimate about hours to do it, taking your time with the trim removal and laying out the Dynamat. If using other subs I'd be sure to check their minimum power requirement.

The stock amp won't drive a sub with too high of a power requirement. Drop the back seats down. You'll need to do this for easy access and to get at the rear deck cover lip.

Audi Sound System

Remove the Torx screw from the bottom of the stock sub, accessible from the trunk. Remove the D-pillar covers. There is a small notch at the top front left side of pic of the cover that you can use to slip in a screwdriver. These must come off as there are 4 tabs that slot into the rear deck lid. Use a semi-short screwdriver as you don't want to damage the airbag charge that's inside the pillar.

Gently pry up around the edge from one end to another paint can tool until it pops out. Remove the speaker wire from the tweeter small speaker. Remove the 4 Torx screws holding the deck cover to the subwoofer housing.

Remove the Torx screw under the left speaker grill. This holds the deck cover on to a support bracket below. The deck cover is free to remove. There are four clips along the front, where the seat backs lean up against it. Lie down across folded down seats and push up against the front of the deck cover. There are two Torx screws down inside the front of the sub housing. Remove these and the housing should lift out.

Here's one The new sub drops right in the hole from the old sub. There are 3 screw holes around the housing that line up perfectly with the mounting holes in the new JL sub. Here are a few shots of the sub fit check, before pulling it out to apply the Dynamat.

Shot 1 here You want to make sure that all holes are covered and the Dynamat has been stuck down securely. If not, it won't be as effective. The lip of the JL sub is not a perfect seal, especially where the Dynamat terminates. To complete the new sub interface, use rings of rope caulk home depot to create a reliable and working seal.Ignition1 Mar 17, Log in or Sign up.

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. How bad is the standard sound system? The question is in the title It's probably too late for me to change my order but I didn't bump up the sound system in fact there are a lot of options I wish I took I've heard it's borderline awful, but then others have said it's "ok" I might just go down to an Audi garage with some music and test it out.

Ignition1Mar 17, Get calling quick! The ChallinorMar 17, Wasn't as bad as I expected tbh, main problem is you have to decide between volume and bass. Turn The bass up and it cuts the volume down to avoid damage to the system.

Turn the bass down and the volume up and it doesn't sound brilliant. Wouldnt say it was disappointing but could definitely be betteR. I'm going this week to price up adding some subs. Marc18Mar 17, I think it's quite decent for a standard system, vastly better than any other standard sound system I've had in a car. It just depends what you're used to and come to expect.

Minion Bob! RelliottMar 17, Compared to my current X1 I thought it sounded good X1 sounded tinny comparedI had a quick listen in a demo car in the dealership. ZacheMar 17, Car stereo robberies are on the decline. So are sales of aftermarket audio solutions. Factory systems simply have become too good, essentially making both theft and the aftermarket unnecessary. Thanks to ever-increasing commute times, modern cars feature practically all the entertainment and amenities you'd expect from your living room—in fact, many offer audio quality that puts home theater systems to shame.

So if you're a car-shopping audiophile, checking the stereo system that comes with the car is more important than ever. Here are our ten top picks, including obvious luxury players and some surprisingly affordable examples. We start off with a Bose car stereo system that actually doesn't disappoint: the speaker system included in the Technology Package of the spunky Mazdaspeed3 sport compact wagon. While it's not ultrapowerful by today's "premium audio" standards, the watt stereo still delivers crisp, balanced sound and a surprising thump from the subwoofer cleverly mounted inside the spare tire.

It's a great, traditional audio setup in a lively car that's already famous for its bang-for-the-buck dominance. Like the previous generation, the latest Infiniti M37 and M56 luxury sport sedan offers a tremendous level of audio quality when equipped with its Bose Studio Surround system.

We're not typically blown away by Bose offerings, but the 5. For whatever reason, official wattage figures are nowhere to be found, but the system never felt short on power. Starting with the Jetta GLI, Volkswagen is rolling out its new, watt premium audio system by Fender, the American brand more famous for its Stratocaster guitars than its stereo equipment.

After three years of cooperative research with VW and Panasonic, Fender has delivered a nine-speaker setup that emphasizes clarity at every volume. Although the collaboration may sound like a marketing ploy, the sound doesn't lie. For us, it's the new standard for entry-level automotive audio, easily surpassing the Dynaudio premium systems VW traditionally offers.

Chrysler's newly redesigned sedan brings a Harman Kardon premium sound system to the market, at least for the SRT models. This setup boasts a channel amplifier, watts of power and a total of 19 speakers—seven 3. Bottom line: The new SRT's stereo packs a wallop, much like the engine under its hood. This audio system features digital signal processing and gets the job done with just six speakers, including the inch subwoofer, producing a sound worthy of a luxury car.

No, we weren't expecting it either. Acura's excellent ELS audio system is available across the entire vehicle lineup except on its flagship RL model, ironically, which still packs an underwhelming Bose setup.

audi stock sound system

It sounded the best in the midrange TL luxury sedan. Designed by Grammy-winning sound engineer Elliot Scheiner, the watt, speaker surround-sound system aims to reproduce studio-quality sound, including the full bit, kHz audio found in DVD-A discs—the highest quality currently possible.

The Lexus LS was one of the first vehicles to truly advance the art of car stereos back in the '90s. Today, it continues to impress with a 7. At watts, it's far from the most powerful setup on the market, but it boasts less than 0.

Along with four acoustic lenses, its 15 speakers feature exterior grilles for a greater sense of space and ambience. Two separate amplifiers produce a total of watts: There's a watt ICE Power primary unit working in conjunction with a watt digital signal processing unit for converting audio signals into 7.Damo S Aug 14, Log in or Sign up.

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack.

Standard sound system upgrade Damo S Aug 14, Hi All, My S3 has the standard sound system which is fairly terrible after having the bose system in my old 3. I didnt care too much to start with but it is starting to bug me. So I'm going to look at upgrading it however I dont want to potentially throw money away if it wont make a huge amount of difference. Is the output from the head unit of decent enough quality to make this upgrade worth while? Secondly, fit a sub in the boot with probably an amp fitted somewhere else under a seat.

Does the standard head unit have any kind of output other than speaker out? That would work but it means its still having to go through the head units amp first which may degrade it. Damo SAug 14, Adam14Aug 14, SchizophonicAug 14, You would be surprised how much difference this makes. AlS3BEAug 14, The sub was paper thin and not very deep.

A lot had success putting a sub box in and disconnecting the factory one. These multi channel built in amplifiers has a peak output that shared across all the speakers connected so when you disconnect the big one that leaves a bit more to the other. Took about an hour or so to get working. Damo SAug 15, SchizophonicAug 15, OK thanks.

I assume this is to help correct rubbishness in the output signal from the headunit? You can also use a DSP amplifier with a car specific wiring loom. So you don't have to cut any wires. The wiring loom connects behind the main unit with a quadlockadapter and on the other end it goes to the DSP unit.

Best In-Car Audio Systems From The Factory

So the original speaker wires are connected through the adapter with the DSP amp. The amp will thus amplify the original speakers and will add a car specific DSP to the sound. Mosconi and Audison are two known manufacturs that produce and sell these amp etc.

A3 8V Facelift Limousine.

10 Best Car Sound System Brands

RJ-8VAug 15, RJ-8V likes this.Trevolly Oct 3, Log in or Sign up. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Learn More.

audi stock sound system

Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. Audi Sound System Trevolly Oct 3, Afternoon all. Could I ask if anyone would know the layout of the speakers for the Audi Sound System package where they are in the car.

I read online that it has 10 speakers, just wondered where they're positioned. Many thanks. Last edited: Oct 3, TrevollyOct 3, Thanks for replying airbus So there is only 1 speaker in the front doors? I had to remove the speaker grills by the front door handles and was worried to see a space where a speaker might be. Thanks for the info mate.

BT input does, however, sound tiny. Neil COct 4, Neil C likes this. TrevollyOct 4, Trevollythe one that covers the speaker on the door card. Yeh it is blocked. I ordered one last week drivers side from the parts dept on this website.


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